Everything You Need to Know About AR, VR and MR

Everything You Need to Know About AR, VR and MR

Today we have technology that brings such elements of our imagination into reality which we never thought would be possible. Yes, I’m talking about the recent technological advancements that have swept people right off their feet.

Reality Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are gaining traction in the world of science. People have started to imagine where these technologies are going to lead us and what is the future of it.

These technologies are still at an early stage and are young advancements due to which many people are not aware of them. Also, many people get confused about these technologies even though they have some significant differences.

Augmented Reality AR:

AR is a technology that mixes the real world with the digital world. This technology allows incorporating digital/virtual elements like images, videos and data into the real world visible through our camera lenses.

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The idea is to overlay such elements into reality and enhance the experience of the user.

► Still Confused What AR Means?

Let me give you some examples that will help you make sense of this complex technology. AR is used in many social media applications, games, e-commerce websites, etc., such as

The very common example for AR is the Snapchat Lenses that we have been using for a long time now. The different objects that are seen in these lenses are nothing but AR.

The infamous “Pokemon Go” game which created a buzz a few years back due to its exclusive gaming structure is nothing but the result of AR.

Even e-commerce companies like Lenskart make use of AR to help the customers try on the frames while sitting at home just with the help of their camera.

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► Can We Use AR in Our Day-to-Day Lives?

The answer is, Yes!

Technologies have made our lives easier and we have welcomed them in our day-to-day lives. Today we have the presence of AR in many fields like education, sports, marketing, e-commerce, medicines, tourism, and even in the army.

► The Use of AR in Our Everyday Lives:

AR makes navigation simplers by superimposing the route on our live route.

In Football, the broadcasters and teams impose the lines on the field to understand the play in a better way and analyze it.

The Army uses the AR to project the data relating to altitude, speed, etc. on the helmets of the pilots to avoid any distractions.

In hospitals, the surgeons make use of AR for guidance in surgeries.

To make the buying choice in furniture and household products, IKEA uses AR to help the customers visualize how the furniture will look in their house.

The advertising companies have started the use of AR to engage with the people and increase their brand awareness and sales.

AR has found its place in the field of tourism as well. Many countries use the AR projection on ruins of historical monuments to show the ancient look of the same.

Virtual Reality VR:

VR tries to provide a completely immersive experience of an alternate world. It can create a 360-degree view of any place or fiction of imagination with visual and audio aids. It completely removes the touch with the outer world and creates an experience that feels like reality.


Different devices like Oculus Rift, HTV Vive, and Google cardboard bring the users the experience of VR. The users at their own will can choose the experience that they desire.
You will be surprised to know the use of VR in our everyday lives. Here are some:

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► Education:

The educational and training institutes make the use of VR to make the teaching process more engaging. A variety of content can be shown to create an immersive experience. This enhances the whole learning experience.

► Real Estate:

The real estate builders and agents spend a lot of time explaining to the buyers how the property will look and help them imagine it. This hurdle is removed completely by the VR. You can simply use the VR headset and see the furnished or fully constructed real estate.

► Tourism:

This industry is known for its constant evolution. It is one of the earliest industries to adopt VR. VR experiences are included in tourism and tourists are more than willing to live this experience.
Apart from these, you’ll find VR in Marketing, Manufacturing, and many other industries.

Mixed Reality MR:

Mixed Reality is the combination of AR and VR. MR includes the elements of AR and VR both as it not only includes virtual objects into reality but also makes them engage and interact with reality.

Mixed Reality MR

MR can be said to be a subcategory of AR but provides even more enhanced and immersed experience.


MR is a hybrid technology that has great scope in the future. When the environment around the user changes, the software of MR automatically updates according to that and provides the experience. Due to this, to have MR in our day-to-day life seems like a little far-reaching goal as of now.

We have achieved so much so far in technological advancements. We make use of them in almost every field. So is there any further future scope of AR and VR? How far can we go? Here’s how the prediction of the Future goes.

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► Maintenance and Repairs:

You will not have to go looking for videos on the internet or DIY tutorials to learn the process. The AR will help in maintenance and Repair and assist you to make repairs in real time. Few companies have started trials of this into car repairs.

► Communications:

AR and MR provide a wholesome experience to a user. The future scope is very wide in the communication industry. The inclusion of this technology will solve many communication barriers we face in today’s time.

In the future the existing technology will improve further and new innovations will be brought in various sectors of the industry. These technologies will ease the work and bring people closer.

The biggest anticipation of the future of Virtual Reality is the Metaverse. Metaverse is the vision of Mark Zuckerberg who claims that the future is the Metaverse Land where people will live in the Virtual

World. All the activities will be conducted in Metaverse like work, education, shopping and even financial transactions.
What is your view of the future of these technologies and Metaverse? Leave a comment below..

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