eCommerce Mobile App Development Trends

Ecommerce Mobile App Development Trends

The Smartphone now a days are taking the hold of the entire market, pertaining to which the businesses are relying their focus majorly on enhancing the mobile shopping experience of the users. By the end of 2016, Smartphone have even taken over the computer by increasing their contribution in the E- Commerce Market. The trend of online shopping is now increasing at a faster pace. Following by the trend in order to sustain in the market, considering and utilizing the current mobile app development trends is significant. Launching a Mobile App in the market is not the end of your E-commerce journey, keeping yourself updated with all the current trends is essentially important in order to reap all the opportunities. Lets check, the E-Commerce mobile app development trends which will be ruling the market in the coming years:

► Increasing demand of Mobile Digital Assistants:

MDA’s (Mobile Digital Assistants) are expected to take hold of E–commerce market via mobile phones which will prove it to be beneficial for the users. MDA’s will help in the reduction of the need for browsing and the payment times.

► Experience Shopping with AR and VR:

E–Commerce mobile apps are now trending with more of AR and VR considering their benefits to the industry. AR and VR are expected to take a lead in the market when compared to the other trends. Introduction of AR and VR will witness the transformation of the mobile app, making it to be the best app. This will also lead to an increase in the level of customer engagement in the apps. Shopping from the Virtual Store sitting in any corner of the world will be made possible on by the coming trends. AR and VR are sure to benefit the users with Easy Shopping, Faster Payments and hassle free Checkout Process.

► Chat While you Shop:

With wide variety of options available, we are sure to find ourselves in commotion. To help you come out of your commotion illuminating you on the right choice to be made, Chat facility will be introduced in the e-commerce apps in the coming years, which will give you an access to chat with your near and dear ones while you shop and ask for their advices on your choice.

► Access of the Voice Search in the most distinctive way:

Market in coming years is going to be customer centric providing the customers with maximum convenience and ease in shopping. Considering the comfort of all the users, the future generation will get to experience the Voice Search trend which will free them from the need of typing and searching for their requirements. Instead Voice Search will enable the customers to search for the products even while they are walking, driving or are involved in any of the activities.

► Easy Bifurcation of the Products:

Customizing as per the customers need is quiet crucial. Imagine yourself logging into a shopping site and you are being delivered with only those products which you are actually looking for and this also avoids you to bypass the products you don’t need. This will be made possible by Contextual Shopping. It will even make the Payment Process quite simpler by allowing us to pay by the option we choose more often. Looking by the benefits of Contextual Shopping, it is sure to gain much popularity in the coming years.

► Increase in the use of Mobile Wallet:

Mobile Wallet relives us from the stress of carrying hard cash or cards to make the payments. It is the most secured source of making payments against your online purchases. The implementation and use of Mobile Wallet is expected to hike tremendously in future.

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