Rise of the Apps: The Mobile Revolution in Retail Industry

Mobile Revolution in Retail Industry

The number of mobile apps is constantly increasing at a higher pace due to increase in the trend of adoption of smartphones by majority of the population. Due to such rapid and drastic increase Mobile Apps has taken over the retail industry.

Its because of the mobile that we are having a contented standard of living. Mobile App Development technologies has lead to the transformation of our lifestyle. The changes that the mobile industry has brought to society even Industrial Revolution failed at doing so. The noteworthy fact is that within a time gap of 15-20 years, 3G and 4G technologies have reach subscriptions more than 3 billion.

The Internet in the late 1990s was known for its unbeatable growth and rapid innovation, and in the current era the mobile technology is reshaping the economic milestones all over again. Mobile cannot be restricted to just an industry. It can be better defined as a foundation the array of which has flourished tremendously.

As per the research conducted by the business insider on retail marketing stated certain facts which said that retail industry has highly got influenced by the mobile app. As per the research, 60% of consumers are users of mobile devices which is being used with the purpose of interactions with the retailers. Whereas 44% of consumers opts for shopping over the mobile app as it is easy and convenient.

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  • The time spent on mobile shopping apps in a month by a regular user is approximately 205 minutes, calculating the figure of time spent in the web stores it turned out to be 11 minutes.
  • Forecasting the future, it has been estimated that mobile commerce will approximately stop down at 45% of the total share of e-commerce by the end of 2020.
  • As per the prevailing situations, mobile shopping apps cover around 42% of the mobile revenue out of the top 500 retailers.

The above-mentioned data clearly states the major impact of the Mobile Industry on society declaring it to be the fastest-growing industry in India and across the globe.

Mobile App is called to be the accurate tool to upgrade the revenue of the retail industry.

With the help of Google Analytics, the conclusion stated that there has been an extreme increase in the spending of the mobile app. 30% of all online shopping is done through mobile phones. This signifies the importance of mobile apps security for the retailers which takes them to spend 16% more per transaction via mobile apps.

Not only this, but Mobile Apps have proven to be beneficial for the Retail industry in many ways as stated below:

  • Loyalty campaigns conducted by the retailers help them to build a relationship of trust with the users. It leads the retailers to create the opportunities of cross-selling thereby enhancing the user engagement. All this together then boosts the sales and marketing techniques of such retailers.
  • Push Notification turns out to be the most effective one for the retailers as it helps them to build a bridge of communication between the users and the product. This serves the users with the right amount of information providing contentment to them.
  • An interactive and user-friendly shopping app will lead to a Magnificent Shopping Exposure for the users. This will also detail the user about the product details. On receiving the right amount of information, the target customer is sure to hit the shopping cart.
  • Mobile Apps is one of the most effective marketing tools to market the services or products. This provides the retailers with a platform of marketing their products and services easily and conveniently establishing the goodwill of the brand.

To Pendown, it can be very well said that the overall transformation of the Retail Industry and all the credit owes to Mobile App.

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