Tips on Tizen Wearable App Development: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking to Develop an App for Tizen Wearable? Watch out these Simple and Useful Tips

Wearable technology is taking over the market since past few months. Wearable Technology is expected to dominate the market in near future. Many people are using wearable like fitness trackers and smart watches in their routine life. The wearable which are soon to be launched in future are smart glasses, jewellery and also some in other categories. Wearable are quite easy to use and also can give the required feedback as and when needed.

With the big names like Google and Apple existing in the market, it is quite difficult for other developers to sustain in the market competition. They are now majorly focusing on what are the available choices for wearable developments. The below given are some of the choices:

Android Wear – With the Google’s wearable running on various devices, apps can be developed for those wearable which are already in working.

Samsung Gear – Even Samsung has managed to get on the top by acquiring largest market share and majority of its wearable devices are running on Tizen which opens the possibilities of developing app for them.

WatchKit – Apple is still working on launching smartwatch range and also the access to development kit is restricted. This market is also open for developers to explore.

SalesForce Wear – This is another big platform to develop business apps. It is already consisting of various open-source starter apps for various wearable including Android Wear, Samsung Gear 2, Google Glass, Pebble etc.

Sony Wearable – Sony has also launched various smartwatches and is currently working on the release of SmartEyeGlass which is transparent lens eyewear. You can develop apps for any of these devices.

Challenges of Tizen Wearable App Development

Several factors influence Tizen wearable application development. Developers may encounter specific challenges, but there are ways to overcome them, as follows

1. Uncertainty

While designed for quick interaction, many Tizen wearable apps suffer from a lack of research into user behavior. This has resulted in vendors failing to understand how users interact with these apps and other devices, hindering a seamless user experience. To overcome this problem, it is important to experiment with app design and various functionalities and also to understand the problems which can be solved by the application.

2. Size does matter

Talking about wearable, the size is a significant aspect in it. Vendors think of offering lot of features altogether at once, but this is not the right strategy to target the market. Instead initiate with offering some basic features and proceed further with adding more effective features. The size of the screen will never be an issue in features activation of .

3. Absence of API standards

As wearable is a new It dimension, there are chances of failure in operating the device. In that case, ensure to choose the right SDK and development environment first. After defining the API approach proceed further with working on designing the app functions and other special features.

4. Limited platform functionality

The tools provided for the developers by Apple, Tizen, Android are very less which increases the challenges to be faced by the developers while they implement technologies. In that case, cloud solutions can be considered and also ensure that data exchange process should not be so long.

If you wish to end up for great Tizen wearable app development, then take a quick note of certain points as stated below:

  • While you are working on wearable apps, ensure to take into your consideration all the successful cases along with usability standards.
  • Work practically and be realistic. Do not give up.
  • Wearable is not only about a sensor, but it is a small computer that has capability of processing the data.
  • Collaborate and work with hardware developers as only in that case the device will be supporting the app’s functionality. Else you will not be able to text the software due to which you will then have to adjust the setting for a respective design which will lead you to extra costs.

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