Samsung Gear – New Gear Manager App to Rule Them All

Samsung Gear - New Gear Manager App to Rule Them All

Samsung Gear Smartwatch is here with a new update for all its users. The Gear Manager App has now been transformed to Samsung Gear. Up gradation and improvisation in the app is being appreciated by all the users. This new app is found to be compatible and accessible in Samsung Gear S3, S2, Fit2, Fit2Pro, Gear Sport and Icon X.

The Samsung Gear Application gives you an access to establish a connection with your Samsung Gear Device to your mobile. All the features, settings, applications can be easily used and installed through Samsung Gear Apps. The update in this app has taken place in a short duration of time. The last update was experienced in the month of November and within just 3 months gap, the next update is here. Google has clearly specified the changes but did not mention much about the fixation in the bug or improvements in the performances.

The new version is featured with all the benefits as stated below:

  • Supported and Accessible by Gear Sports
  • Supported and Accessible by Gear Fit2 Pro
  • Improvisation in the screen of initial connection
  • Some Gear models have been modified by adding new phrases to quick messages
  • Addition of various news and tips card has taken place
  • Addition of the cards displaying the Galaxy Apps Banner has also taken place

The update notification is expected to be sent by Gear Software, but if your device fails to get the notification you can also manually update the software by following the steps as stated below:

1. Launch Gear Manager App

2. Select Settings tab

3. Select About Samsung Gear App

4. The update list will be displayed on your screens.

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