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Your non-samsung phone could soon get Samsung Pay

Your non-samsung phone could soon get Samsung Pay

Since Galaxy S6 has been launched, Samsung launched their most unique and powerful feature for Samsung smartphones which is Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay has got the ability to make the payments via phone which has been made possible with the help of NFC and older MST technology. In US, the company has even integrated PayPal and Visa Checkout compatibility. Samsung has also introduced Samsung Pay Mini which is accessible by only the ones who owns high-end Galaxy phones, But Samsung does not wish to stop here, and they wish to opt for a wider approach. Samsung is planning to cover even the market of Non-Samsung Android Phones and serve them with the Samsung Pay on their phone.

As per the report by Gadgest 360, it was stated that as per the company’s internal discussion, Company has decided to provide the service of Samsung pay even in the other rival’s phones. Samsung also stated that the upcoming new versions of the phone like Galaxy J series will have the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) capable chips which are a necessity to make payments with the mobile app.

With the use of special components, Samsung in its own handsets allows the mimic of MST transmissions possible which enables you to make the payment at the terminals which fails to accept the NFC. With such possibilities, Samsung is now planning to create this possibility on other OEM hardware. The only condition is that other OEMs will have to include similar technology if they wish to make their devices workable with the Samsung Pay. Exploring the possibilities it was concluded that in order to make Samsung pay work on other non-samsung phones can be possible with the manufacturing and supplying of an accessory similar to LoopPay card that can be attached to other phone and which will make this possible. Though there are fewer chances of people accepting and using Samsung pay rather than Android Pay, introduction of Samsung Pay in other non-samsung phones will be a challenge for the company.

By enabling the use of NFC and MST technology to make the payment through phones has added a lot of functionality at which even Google was found to be lacking. Samsung is expected to place the things in the market latest by 2018 with the motive of pushing the platform with the whole new audience. With 34 million Samsung users across the globe, Samsung is now targeting the market of non-samsung users.


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