Pick The Best: iPhone 8, iPhone X or Galaxy S8?

Pick The Best: iPhone 8, iPhone X or Galaxy S8?

It was a decade ago when Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Phone was introduced in the market and since then both the devices have been playing tremendously in the market. But today when we ask ourselves a question, which is better Apple or Android? We will find ourselves in a dilemma as even after 10 years, deciding on the better device between Apple or Android is not easy.

Both Apple and Android have successfully launched lot of versions serving the users with the best experience they can. Some or the other technological advancement has always been made with the launch of new device in the market. If we talk about the latest devices launched in the market Apple’s iPhone 8, its iPhone X or Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, it is difficult to decide which one of the three runs the best.

Smartphones have such highly defined revolution since its inception, determining the best of all the three is altogether a difficult task. All the 3 have been outstanding smartphones in their own ways. There has been lot of improvisation in all the three devices. But all the three devices stand out different in the market. There are certain significant differences between all the three devices.

Lets start with iPhone 8 vs iPhone X, iPhone 8 is not much in demand and was not able to grab more sales. IPhone X comparatively has got more sales on its launch. But to our surprise lot of iPhone lovers have been waiting for the launch of iPhone X and when they started using it, they found it quite difficult to understand the usage which ultimately lead to dissatisfaction on the user’s end. The camera of iPhone X is undoubtedly the best one, but the users miss the home button. Some of them even stated that the new iPhone gives them the feel of Samsung Galaxy Phone which itself is a big statement for Apple to look into.

Smartphones today are the biggest tool for each one of us; it helps us not only in our professional lives but in our personal lives too. In today’s time, while we leave our homes we are tend to forget wallet, keys or other necessary things but we never forget to take our phone as it has now become an inseparable part of our lives.

When it comes to choosing the right smartphone, you more often choose to stick with the brand. It’s not only about the phone you use, but it is also about the apps, the services and the experience it offers us. Certain differences are also found in the working of the devices. iPhone is said to be more secured and easy to use but it does not offer more of flexibility on the other hand Android phone are far more flexible but it has got lot more security issues.

Which one to states as the best phone?

We all have different choices and preferences. Some of us may be fond of the simplicity and security iPhone has got to offer, on the other hand some of us will also fall for the flexibility Android offers us with. Both Android and iPhone satisfies the users in different ways. There have been several changes in both the phone types in past few years.

The one thing that has been a major change is the size of the phone. People found the original size of the phones much better and easy to use. Be it Android or be it iPhone though he original size was smaller it was easy and convenient to use. But the current generation now prefers big screen phones. Big size phones have got its own advantage and disadvantage depending upon the use and user preferences. The best thing Apple has done is re-introducing its small size phone which can be used by the one who prefers handy phones.

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