How to Use Google Maps Offline

How to Use Google Maps offline

Many of us are not aware with one of the features of Google Maps accessible in Android and iOS which is saving the maps for offline use. Yes, it is possible to Get Google Maps offline which is highly beneficial when you are in need of the directions and when you do not have internet available. Offline Maps have got the facility of viewing, panning and zooming but can be used to get the directions. You need to save the map when you have WIFI connection which can then be used offline when on the road. The steps to use Google Map when you are offline are as follows:

  • Start with opening Google Maps on your phone. Initially it is needed for you to connect to Internet and also ensure that you are signed in to Google Maps. Search for the place you wish to get directions for.
  • When You get the required information, tap on the add or plus symbol found in the bottom of the screen and that is when you will get a message asking you for downloading this area.
  • Make the corrections in the map location as per your requirements and once you think you have got the exact location, download the map.
  • The map then gets downloaded on your device’s storage by default, but you are given an option to download and save them on the SD card.
  • Once your map is downloaded, you can proceed with navigating and finding the directions.
  • To see your downloaded areas of the map, you can check it by tapping into the menu icon at the top left of the page and then returning to the Offline areas.
  • Using maps offline will give you driving directions but not bicycling or walking directions. You will also not get an idea of the traffic or lane guidelines. Changing of the routes for you will not be possible.

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