Slack a Tool to Better Manage your Projects and Team

Slack a Tool to Better Manage your Projects and Team

Project management has now become a need of every business. With wide range of project management tools like Jira, Asana, Basecamp available in the market, the best one which has been found to be extremely useful and effective is Slack.

Survey conducted in the mid-year 2017 stated that Slack has increased business’s productivity; there has been reduction in the use of email and also the need of conducting meetings has decreased.

Other proven facts of Slack stated that it has increased the internal transparency and company culture. All this has proclaimed Slack to be the best tool for managing the Project effectively and accurately.

► The features of Slack Project Management are as follows

Customised Project Management Structure

Slack allows customisation while framing the structure for Project Management of your business.

Single Team for a project is called to be ideal, but considering the number of people teams can further be increased to two or three teams.

Each team gets their respective channels which are called to be the building blocks of Slack.

Easy management of Task List

Picking the best project management software can take time, but it’s worth it to bring it right before rolling it out to an entire team.

Slack helps you in remembering all your tasks and ensure that it gets completed on time.

Integrating with Wunderlist and Todoist, Slack allows you to create your own task list with the help of To-Do-Bot if you feel the need of using it.

Slack offers lot of options to manage your task list accurately. Slack also gives you access of creating your own To-do-list without integrating with any of the options offered by Slack.

Automated Reminders

Remembering long list of your tasks is a challenge for all of us. Slack delivers us in this as well.

Slack is very useful in reminding us for all our tasks. Just by typing remind in a channel, Slack will remind you when you the time comes.

Slack reminders can even be customised where you can ask Slack to remember all your passwords too and can gather certain information too from Slack may be asking for the nearest book store.

Posts Collaboration

Slack enables the note taking in form of posts. Certain information cannot be shard in form of text, where Slack helps in sharing such information in form of posts that can be passed back and forth by all the team members.

Slack allows all the possible customisations in the post.

Access to bots

Slack has also got several bots on board like DiggBot which makes you aware with the interesting websites and delivers news to your Slack channel.

The Monkey Test It Bot which is useful in testing the website in terms of the broken links, SEO issues and if you find some of your files missing.

PaperBot helps in the organisation of all the links posted by you by displaying it all in just a single website.

Powerful Searching Capabilities

Slack channel if often found full of messages, which makes it quite difficult to find some specific message. But Slack has got solution for this too. Slack enables the search within the channel and you can even as ask any of your team member for the content you want. Results then get displayed by date and relevance. As Slack allows you to start your important messages, the “has:star” modifier displays al the starred messages.

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