Mobile App Prototyping Tools

Mobile App Prototyping Tools

Prototype is the first step of software launch in which development evolution takes place and the fixations in the products are being done before actually launching the software. These testing done before actual launch are called as Beta Testing or Beta Phase. Even when software comes on the final stage of launching there may be certain bugs or problems in the software. This is when prototyping is used to fix the problems found in the software.

Prototyping in important as:

  • It helps in the evaluation and testing the design. It gives the allowance to designing team to test the before launching it in the market.
  • Prototyping helps in finding the design issues at an early stage. It reveals all the flaws in the designed concept which will aid you with resolving the required issues before bulk production.
  • It also assists in clarifying the production costs and issues pertaining to the software. It gives us a clarification on the actual costs to be incurred.
  • Improvisations in the design can be made quickly. Revising and refining the ideas becomes a matter of minutes.
  • Prototyping helps in gathering feedback which helps in spotting the issues which can be rectified well on time.
  • Prototype can also act as a Presentation Tool so as to illustrate your ideas effectively and get the approval from higher authorities.
  • Prototype enables collaboration and also allows everyone to be a part of the early process.

There are various popular prototyping tools which are as follows:


This tool is highly recommended for Team Collaboration, Workflow Management and Enterprises. Invision is the most reliable tool across the world. Its main advantage is its collaboration features. It is helpful in commenting directly on the prototype, auto updating every time the file is edited, viewing previous histories, synchronizing with Dropbox, Cloud, slack and Google Drive.

Web Flow

Web Flow is highly recommended for No Coding, Independent designers, All inclusive Prototyping, CMS and hosting. It is quite popular as it does not demand coding skills. Using the visual- based UI you can design the entire site. Check the tool now on


With built-in material design, libraries for wireframe and iOS containing over 2000 customizable widgets and icons, connect product owners, developers and designer in interactive video sessions to share a wireframe, prototype or mockup for any device or platform in minutes without ever leaving FluidUI.


It is recommended for Digitizing paper prototypes and Prototyping the mobile devices. POP is almost similar to niche prototyping tool and is serving the designers well. It is well known for transferring the sketches into an interactive prototype.


It is highly recommended for Offline Work, Medium to high intricacy in prototypes. It is known for creating high quality work. One of the most effective feature of JustInMind is that it allows the usage of items from UI libraries and can download numerous add-ons. Check the tool now on

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