ChatGPT Challenges Google Assistant on Android to be Default AI Assistant App

ChatGPT Challenges Google Assistant on Android to be Default AI Assistant App

The future of phone assistants is looking chatty, with advanced chatbots like ChatGPT and Copilot threatening to dethrone the old guards like Siri and Google Assistant! These conversational whizzes can hold natural conversations, answer complex questions on any topic, and even grab info from the internet – things your average phone default assistant app wouldn’t dream of.

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot available on both Android and iOS, is leading the charge. Whispers suggest it might soon join the ranks of official Android assistants, replacing good old Google Assistant on some devices. This isn’t just wishful thinking – recent app updates point towards this functionality, with hidden code hinting at a voice assistant mode under development.

But hold your horses, Android peeps. This default assistant app mode is still in its training wheels phase. It stumbles and crashes before you can say “Alexa, play my tunes,” and lacks the official badges it needs to officially replace Google Assistant. Still, it’s a sign of things to come. The AI assistant war is heating up, and Google Assistant better buckle up.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT’s rivals aren’t napping. Microsoft’s Copilot app joins the fray, offering similar chatbot skills on both Android and iOS. And hey, Google isn’t sitting on its thumbs either. They’re prepping their own chatbot champion, Bard, to join Google Assistant and unveiled “Gemini” a super-powered AI model to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Apple, however, seems caught in the slow lane. Rumors whisper of an AI-infused iOS 18 for upcoming iPhones, but Siri, their trusty assistant, feels stuck in the past. Whispers suggest a major AI upgrade for Siri on the iPhone 16, but will it be enough to catch up to the quick-witted chatbots?

One thing’s for sure: the future of phone’s default assistant app is getting conversational, and the old guard better learn to talk the talk or risk getting left behind in the dust cloud of witty banter and real-time knowledge. So buckle up, tech fans, the AI assistant wars are about to get chatty!