Dedicated Proxies Unravelled and its Benefits: Insider’s Guide

Dedicated Proxies Unraveled and its Benefits - Insider's Guide

In a world engulfed by information technologies, the entertainment world has undergone massive changes in every aspect of this explosive industry. From the first songs and plays a few thousand years ago, to complex, multi-layered interactions in the Virtual Reality (VR) and the Metaverse, the demand for new and innovative ways to entertain the masses has never been higher.

Nowadays, we have online events, streaming platforms, and other landscapes for artists and entertainers to express themselves in the most comfortable ways. On the other side of the coin, there are new information systems, tools and strategies for captivating the attention of customers, piquing their interest, and guiding them towards a fast and easy purchase of the entertaining product or service.

In 2024, the best entertainment companies use a fair share of technical tools to provide the promotion and exposure that their product deserves. Their goal is to learn everything about the current trends, reviews, and other opinions of clients about the tendencies of the entertainment world.

To dive deep and research each valuable source of information, these parties protect their connections with internet privacy tools. No matter who you are: a casual web surfer or a big corporation, each browsing session leaves a digital footprint, and the recipient can check your connection request to uncover your IP address – a unique sequence of numbers that signifies your digital identity. Exposing it can have grave consequences, where potential cyber criminals try to infiltrate your internal network, or bombard it with connection requests, resulting in a DDoS attack.

You might be thinking: why did we take this Segway from entertainment to internet privacy? The truth is, because researching other platforms and promoting your product requires you and your employees to connect to the internet, their connections have to be protected and anonymized to prevent any damage to the company and its intellectual property.

Protection is the main reason why modern companies use a dedicated proxy server network, but we will take it further. In this guide, we will discuss the role of proxy servers in the entertainment industry and how a dedicated proxy can help enhance content delivery and user experiences. If you are already on the lookout for the best dedicated proxies, look no further than Smartproxy – one of the best providers in the industry with high-quality deals for clients in all price ranges. For now, let’s stick to the benefits of proxy servers for growth and entertainment.

What makes dedicated proxies so special?

Before focusing on the unique benefits of dedicated proxies, let’s learn the basics of proxy servers. Proxies are intermediary servers that mask your web connection by changing the information in your connection requests. When the connection with a proxy server is active, the recipients can no longer see the IP address of the original sender.

For most proxy services, the default deal gives you a random proxy IP address with every connection. You can also set up rotation options to get a new identity at preset time intervals or a specific number of connection requests.

With dedicated proxies, the proxy provider offers a special deal – a set number of private servers reserved for your use. Their connections are far more stable because you never need to share these addresses with other clients.

Main Benefits of Using Dedicated Proxies

Now that we know the unique features of dedicated proxy servers, we can address the benefits they bring to unique use cases. Here are the best ways to utilze the strengths of these special intermediary stations.

Private Web Connections

If you are accessing your favourite sites with your main IP address, the recipients learn too much about you, your device, and its location. With dedicated proxies, you get stable and consistent connections to the desired site without needing to share the masked address with other people. Still, all proxies ensure private web connections, but dedicated servers are better if you want a consistent connection with a fresh address. While the regular proxy services do offer mostly fresh addresses, clients still encounter cases where a randomly picked address might have been used for suspicious activities, which will then restrict the received IP from visiting some sites. Meanwhile, dedicated proxies ensure that you do not need to expose your IP or suffer due to the unpredictable behaviour of other users.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

As we already established, by changing your internet access point, proxy servers relay the information presented in their physical location to their users. Instead of seeing the local internet, customers get treated like internet users from the region where servers are stationed.

Many businesses in 2024 use dedicated proxies to bypass internet censorship to pursue data-driven insights, localization efforts, opportunities for expansion, and bigger outreach to global audiences. They pick dedicated proxy IPs to carefully study remote locations: local ads, what content works best, potential competitors, and other data that will help plan the most efficient and cost-effective opportunities for expansion.

Online gaming

While the stability and consistency of dedicated proxies are mainly enjoyed by premium business clients, their unique benefits are also a good fit for online gaming experiences. If we compare them with regular proxy services or other privacy tools, dedicated IPs are the best for reducing your latency and enhancing security to provide an enjoyable and fair gaming environment.


Dedicated proxy servers are not just IP masking tools. They optimize bandwidth, reduce buffering, and protect user data, all of which contribute to the success and satisfaction of entertainment enthusiasts. If you plan to get dedicated proxies for yourself, do not rush the process: start with regular, but legitimate proxy services and test them under a free trial. After that, you can evaluate the contribution of proxies for your use cases and see if the upgrade to private IPs is necessary.