Top Future Tech Career With Highest Pay in 2024

Top Future Tech Career With Highest Pay in 2024

If you’re not sure about choosing a career, then utilize this article that lists the top future tech career with the highest pay in 2024.

At some point in life, we all feel disoriented, especially when it’s about opting for a career option for life. The IT sector is the most prominent sector today. Many candidates make the IT sector a high priority when it comes to professional life. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best career choices one can have.

This is because everyone loves technologically revolutionary innovations and is fond of using them. Do you know what’s even more interesting? Some people really find technology curious and want to know how they are made. That’s what makes many candidates choose the IT sector. In addition, good salary packages make the IT sector the most sought-after one.

Yeah, these top career pathways not only satisfy the quest for eagerness but also make them earn well and maintain a good living standard. There are too many benefits to entering this sector as a professional.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top future tech career with the highest pay in 2024. Here we go…

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Top 15 Tech Jobs in Trend in 2024 and Beyond

Here is the countdown of best 15 highest paying tech jobs

1. Data Scientist

The first on our list is the Data Scientist job. If handling statistics and solving probability is easy for you, then you could consider becoming a data scientist.

Data scientists collect large amounts of data using analytical, programming, and statistical skills. They analyze and make strategies according to the business needs using the collected data. To become a well-versed data scientist, you must practice these skills. In addition, technical skills, such as manipulating databases, advanced mathematics, data visualization, and programming, and soft skills, such as public speaking and collaboration, are also crucial. Let’s now take a look at the roles and responsibilities of Data Scientists.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Extracting data from multiple sources
  • Organize, process, clean, validate, and analyze data
  • Create solutions and strategies for business problems
  • Collaborate with the product team and partners to create and implement data-driven solutions

➪ Salary

The entry-level data scientists get 5 lakhs per annum, and it could go up to 19 lakhs per annum for a seasoned professional in the field.

2. Data Engineer

Data Engineer - Future Tech Career

Do you have strong quantitative skills? If so, then you must pick data engineering as your career. Yes, it is one of the best tech careers with the highest pay in 2024.

It’s because data plays a crucial role in the success of an organization, be it small or large. The main role of a data engineer is to gather and analyze large amounts of complex data and derive successful strategies using that data.

Other than quantitative skills, candidates must be aware of machine learning, coding languages, SQL, data and information visualization, cloud services, and Big Data skills. Having all these skills can help candidates land their dream job as a data engineer.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Analyze and organize raw data
  • Build data systems and pipelines
  • Evaluate business needs and objectives to interpret trends and patterns
  • Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling

➪ Salary

The base salary of a data engineer is INR 5 lakhs to INR 14 lakhs per annum, and the senior data engineer can make up to INR 16 lakhs or more per annum.

3. Front End Developer

It’s time to check out the creative job role of front-end developer. The demand for web applications and web designs is on the rise today. People from all walks of life are now well-versed with websites and web applications. But do you know who crafts them?

Front-end developers! Yes, front-end developers play a crucial role when it comes to designing intuitive web applications. They create user interfaces using coding languages and make the website or web applications more interactive. Both fresher and experienced professionals are in demand. People who have a knack for web application development can choose this role and make a fortune.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Develop websites and applications using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Optimizing the user experience and implementing designs
  • Fixing bugs and testing the existing or new software
  • Managing software workflow and following SEO practices

➪ Salary

The average salary of a front-end developer is around INR 6 lakhs per annum, and it can go up to INR 15 lakhs per annum.

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4. DevOps Engineer

Another trendy tech career today is DevOps Engineer. DevOps is emerging as an important technology in this fast-paced mobile world. It combines both development and operation to improve the security, speed, and efficiency of software development. So you can conclude that earning a high salary is obvious as a DevOps Engineer.

DevOps engineers collaborate with development and other teams to combine code, maintain, and manage applications. Knowledge of programming, scripting languages, networking, security, and troubleshooting are the important skills required to become a successful DevOps engineer.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Build, test, and maintain infrastructure
  • Understanding customer requirements and project KPIs
  • Managing stakeholders and external interfaces
  • Troubleshoot and fix code bugs
  • Monitoring the customer experience and managing periodic reporting

➪ Salary

The starting salary of a DevOps engineer is INR 3 lakhs, and it goes up to INR 14 lakhs per annum as you become an expert in the field. Senior DevOps engineers in India make up to 31.1 lakhs per annum.

5. Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer - Future Tech Career

Back-end and front-end development are in trend these days. Having knowledge of both can help you become a full-stack developer. People who possess developing skills or have a knack for front-end and back-end development can choose to become full-stack developers. Full stack development includes coding languages, logical thinking, problem-solving, testing procedures, debugging knowledge, etc.

Full-stack developers are professionals who can build both the back-end and front-end of applications and websites. By acquiring these skill sets, you will have the opportunity to earn twice as much! People who are in this field are already getting decent salaries in the market.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Control the technical, functional, and visual aspects of software
  • Write effective APIs and test software
  • Work with both front-end and back-end teams
  • Regularly test, debug, update, and optimize the software

➪ Salary

The average salary of a full-stack developer is INR 9 lakhs per year, and as a fresher, you can expect to get INR 2 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs per annum.

6. AI Consultant

Artificial Intelligence is in trend today. Almost all modern devices, including speakers and household appliances, come equipped with Artificial Intelligence. AI consultant is one of the most popular tech careers today.

Candidates can choose an AI consultant as a career option. This is a job role in which experts and AI engineers collaborate to assist businesses and help them achieve their goals. An in-depth understanding of AI technologies such as machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing is required for a candidate to work efficiently.

The main responsibility of an AI consultant is to plan, create, and implement effective solutions for a business.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Managing projects and checking the compatibility of code and AI infrastructure
  • Form strategies for the business’s success
  • AI implementation and user training

➪ Salary

Artificial intelligence consultants get paid in lakhs that range from INR 3.4 lakhs to INR 41.0 lakhs. The average salary of an AI consultant is INR 11.6 lakhs per year.

7. Blockchain Engineer

Another very popular tech career in the modern world is Blockchain engineering. It is one of the top Future Tech Career options for people who are keen to design, create, and manage the blockchain infrastructure.

Blockchain engineers design, create, and manage the blockchain infrastructure. Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism for transparent information sharing. They also create blockchain applications and offer solutions according to business needs.

Learning about blockchain architecture, coding languages, data structure, cryptography, and blockchain platforms will help you crack the interview and stay ahead of others.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Designing and developing blockchain solutions
  • Managing decentralized applications and creating new blockchain platforms
  • Writing efficient and modular code
  • Testing, debugging, and evaluating the blockchain applications

➪ Salary

According to the report, the minimum annual salary for a blockchain engineer starts at INR 1.8 lakhs, while the average salary is approximately INR 8 lakhs per year. An experienced candidate can expect to get around INR 23 lakhs per year.

8. Data Analyst

Quite often, people come across data analyst job profiles. It is one of the most sought-after career options today. Data analysts collect, clean, and interpret large data sets to solve problems. These professionals need to have knowledge of data visualization, Excel, SQL, data management, statistics, and so on. In addition, they need to have problem-solving skills in order to excel in the IT sector. Candidates can expect to get high salaries as Data analysts. So, if you’re good at analyzing, then pick data analysis as a career option.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Data collection, cleaning, and processing
  • Analyze and visualize data to generate reports
  • Identify patterns and trends through insights
  • Derive data-driven strategies according to business requirements

➪ Salary

According to the sources, the starting salary of a data analyst ranges from INR 2.5 lakhs to INR 4.8 lakhs. The highest salary of a data analyst is INR 14 lakhs per year.

9. Software Architect

Software architects are computer programmers or developers who are responsible for designing high-level concepts and UI layouts. You need to be an expert and proficient in certain skills to become a software architect. Mastering technologies like cloud software and coding knowledge, and understanding the business domains, databases, and requirements can help you grow in this field.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Effectively interact with clients, product managers, and developers to build software
  • Gathering non-functional and functional requirements
  • Select the technology stack and deployment methods
  • Estimate the development time to design a high-level architectural solution

➪ Salary

Entry-level software architects earn somewhere around INR 6 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs per annum. Meanwhile, seasoned or experienced software architects can expect to get INR 28 lakhs per year.

10. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer - Future Tech Career

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two important fields where you can get the highest salary. A candidate who possesses software engineering skills and knowledge of data structure, computer architecture, Machine Learning libraries and frameworks, and programming languages can choose this role.

Machine Learning engineers focus on researching, building, and designing self-running AI systems to automate predictive models. They work as part of the data science team and perform their duties effectively to deploy the product.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • They research, modify, and apply prototypes of data science and data analytics
  • Create and construct methods for machine learning
  • Create ML systems according to the client’s requirements and evaluate the applications
  • Improve and manage the current ML libraries and framework

➪ Salary

The salary of a Machine Learning engineer ranges between INR 6 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs per month, and the highest salary is around INR 21 lakhs per year.

11. Cloud Architect

Candidates who expect an exceptionally high salary can become cloud architects. However, it is crucial to have knowledge of cloud computing technology, operating systems, networking, security, and programming. Cloud Architects are supposed to develop computing strategies that incorporate adoption plans, application designs, and management. This is a great tech career option for both freshers and seasoned software developers.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Create sound cloud strategies and manage the adaptation process
  • Evaluate cloud applications, hardware, and software
  • Develop and organize a cloud system and respond to technical issues
  • Offer guidance on infrastructure movement techniques in the cloud

➪ Salary

Cloud architect is one of the highest-paying jobs in the market today. Freshers in this field can expect to get somewhere around INR 12 lakhs, whereas senior architects get INR 43 lakhs per year.

12. Cyber Security Engineer

Are you looking for a challenging, high-paying career? If yes, you must become a cybersecurity engineer. Cyber security engineers analyze and identify the threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software. Responding to security breaches is their top priority, and the job positions vary according to the company’s requirements.

Mastering network security, penetration testing, security protocols, and database platforms can help you succeed in the field as a cybersecurity engineer.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Plan, implement, manage, and upgrade security measures to improve protection
  • Troubleshoot system and network problems
  • Ensuring infrastructure protection and enabling security controls
  • Test and identify system vulnerabilities
  • Administrative tasks and report submissions to relevant departments

➪ Salary

Freshers can expect to get INR 3 lakhs per year as cyber security engineers. Meanwhile, expert cyber security engineers can expect up to INR 7 lakhs per annum. The highest salary of a cyber security engineer is INR 18 lakhs per year.

13. Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is on the rise today. More and more companies are now coming up with their mobile apps to enhance customer experience. Mobile app developers create stunning mobile applications for their clients. This is probably an entry-level position in the IT industry. However, being a mobile app developer is a dream for many candidates. Isn’t that so? Yeah! Applications reserve an undeniable place in this fast-paced digital world. App developers are responsible for building mobile applications using programming languages. So, if you want to be a developer, then master these skills.

Deep knowledge of Android, iOS, and other operating systems and coding languages like C++, Java, and Python help to shape you as an eminent developer.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Develop APIs and implement testing procedures
  • Collaborate with marketing and other development teams to enhance app function
  • Optimize for usability to engage many users
  • Provide support, troubleshoot, and debug before deployment

➪ Salary

The basic pay for a mobile app developer starts at INR 4 lakhs and goes up to INR 6 lakhs per year. While the highest salary you can get is INR 13 lakhs per annum.

14. IoT Solution Architect

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things is one of the emerging fields in today’s technological realm. Strong knowledge and understanding of IoT architecture, programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Java, cloud computing technology, and UI and UX can help you become a proficient IoT architect.

IoT solution architects develop and deploy IoT solutions for companies or organizations. They create the vision, strategy, and architecture of the Internet of Things for a business.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Become a validation expert for testing use cases and providing security requirements
  • Responsible for both system and software architecture
  • Collaborate with project managers and technical teams
  • They design, describe, and manage the system

➪ Salary

The highest salary of an IoT architect is INR 46 lakhs per annum, and if you’re a fresher, you expect to get INR 4 lakhs per year as a starting salary.

15. AR/VR Developer

AR/VR Developer - Future Tech Career

Want to be a part of an exciting journey? Then, you must pick the job from the emerging field, i.e., reality technologies. Yes, you can become an AR/VR developer. They collaborate with almost everyone, like designers, developers, and project managers, to offer exceptional vision for the users.

Candidates need to learn 3D programming, C#, C++, user interface design, graphics programming, version control, and spatial audio for this role. Plus, knowledge of the Unity and Unreal engines, VR and AR SDKs, and 3D modeling tools can assist you in creating stunning end products and leaving a lasting impression.

➪ Roles And Responsibilities

  • Analyzing, designing, developing, and debugging AR software
  • Build 3D frameworks and collaborate with internal teams and client
  • Troubleshoot existing VR products and integrate APIs
  • Take part in project planning to learn about the requirements

➪ Salary

The average salary of an AR/VR developer is around INR 4.5 lakhs per annum, and the highest salary you can expect is up to INR 13.4 lakhs per year.

Last Few Words

In conclusion, the tech industry secures an undeniable place in the vast digital realm. Whether it is sweet morning messages or endless arguments, people prefer a virtual environment instead of the real world. So, developing new websites and enhancing protection demand candidates choose the tech career paths with the highest pay. Hopefully, the top future tech careers with the highest pay in 2024 will help you find your dream job. Thus, make use of it and begin your professional journey NOW!