Google Brings Gemini Pro through Vertex AI to Organisations Everywhere

Google Brings Gemini Pro through Vertex AI to Organisations Everywhere - Gemini Pro in Vertex AI

The year 2024 seems to be the year of the greatest technological advancements. In December. 2023, Google launched its most advanced AI model, Gemini, and now the tech giant is all set to bring Gemini Pro in Vertex AI to organizations worldwide.

Google is just focused on benefiting its customers and the wider developer and user community via the newest AI models. To date, Google’s most notable developments include Gemini Pro and the AI Hypercomputer, the former of which allows for the training and use of generative AI models.

The tech giant recently announced that it has incorporated Generative AI support into Vertex AI, its Enterprise AI platform. Furthermore, the brand has implemented Duet AI in Google Workspace and Google Cloud, enhancing the capabilities of these platforms. In addition, the company has added numerous new features to its AI-optimized infrastructure, including significant improvements in GPUs, TPUs, ML software, compilers, workload management, and more.

In a blog post, Google announced various significant enhancements to its AI stack. They stated: “Today, we are excited to announce several significant enhancements to our AI stack in order to support Gemini, our most advanced and versatile model to date. The system was specifically designed to be multimodal, allowing it to effectively process and integrate various forms of information such as text, code, audio, image, and video. This capability enables it to mimic human perception and effortlessly comprehend and manipulate different types of information simultaneously, just as humans do when they see, hear, read, listen, and discuss various forms of information.”

Integration of Gemini in Vertex AI Platforms

Google plans to enhance the capabilities of the Vertex AI platform by integrating Gemini. According to the blog post, Gemini Pro is now available for preview on Vertex AI. At present, it provides developers with the ability to create innovative and unique agents that are capable of processing information from various sources such as text, code, images, and video. Vertex AI is a platform that assists in the deployment and management of agents for production purposes. It also provides automated evaluation of the quality and trustworthiness of agent responses, along with monitoring and management capabilities.

According to reports, Vertex AI offers extensive support for Gemini, providing users with a range of capabilities to explore, enhance, personalize, oversee, and deploy agents that are built using the Gemini API.

There are several methods with which users would be able to customize agents created with Gemini using their own data. These methods include prompt engineering, adapter-based fine-tuning like Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA), reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), and distillation. These agents can be used for retrieving, comprehending, and taking action on real-world information using configurable building blocks known as retrieval augmented generation (RAG). In addition, Vertex AI also provides extensions that enable users to perform actions on third-party applications.

Google has implemented grounding techniques to enhance the quality of responses from Gemini and other AI models. This involves comparing the results obtained from these models with data from reliable web and enterprise sources. This is done to ensure high-quality responses. Moreover, Google’s AI Stack offers a comprehensive range of controls to ensure your safety and responsibility while you use any generative AI models, including Gemini.

In addition to Gemini support in Vertex AI, Google has introduced some other cutting-edge automated tools, which include Automatic Side by Side (Auto SxS), a state-of-the-art automated tool designed to facilitate model comparisons. Additionally, Google has integrated Mistral, ImageBind, and DITO into Vertex AI’s Model Garden in order to foster an open model ecosystem.

And now Google plans to bring Gemini Pro into Vertex AI Search and Conversation to help users create engaging, production-grade applications quickly.

We are very hopeful that the integration of Gemini Pro into Vertex AI won’t take much time! The company has not provided any information regarding the date of the integration. However, the way they are making new advancements, it is evident that the wait will not be too long.

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