4 Ways Agencies Improve Client Experience With DAM

Improve Client Experience With DAM

Generally speaking, providing excellent client experience is essential for agencies looking for ambitious growth and increased brand recognition. After all, regardless of the circumstances, clients play a crucial role in the success of every agency. With good customer experience, agencies can reduce customers who switch to other businesses and boost their brand.  

However, improving client experience can be challenging without the right resources. This is especially true if there are no professional tools that can support them in storing, handling, and distributing a huge amount of assets effectively. When this happens, agencies may not be able to build better and stronger, long-lasting relationships with customers. This is where digital asset management or DAM enters the picture.  

This article explores four ways agencies can improve client experience with DAM. Read on to learn more.

What Is Digital Asset Management? 

Essentially, a digital asset management system, also known as DAM, refers to a technology responsible for organizing, sharing, and distributing digital assets within a central library. This system is designed to enhance any organization’s creative production methods and efficiently manage client projects. With the best DAM software from a reliable provider, agencies can also have the opportunity to boost the ROI of their content programs and the overall productivity of the organization.  

But to better understand how DAM can work for agencies, it’s essential to get familiar with the critical features of this system. These can include: 

  • Accessibility: This allows agencies to have easy and direct access to the library of past and current content and projects.  
  • Enhanced Search: This enables agencies to find content easily according to a client profile, categories, and keywords.  
  • Distribution: This lets agencies review and share various types and sizes of digital assets.  
  • Organization: This enables agencies to manage and organize clients’ content in one location.  
  • Uploading: This allows agencies and individuals like photographers, videographers, and other contractors to upload content files wherever they are in the world.  
  • Security: This feature guarantees agencies an enterprise-level security and asset recovery system for the agencies.  

How Can Agencies Improve Client Experience With DAM? 

How Can Agencies Improve Client Experience With DAM

Running an agency can be challenging, especially since there are several things to consider from the get-go. But aside from providing quality service, you’d also have to consider boosting client service. Fortunately, with the advent of a digital asset management (DAM) system, agencies can get the most out of some ways to ensure an excellent client experience. 

These can include: 

1. It Helps Deliver Content Quickly  

Generally, businesses need to market their brands with speed across different media platforms to stay ahead of their competitors in the market. Due to this requirement, agencies are required to deliver content projects to clients in the fastest time possible without compromising quality. Otherwise, clients won’t be happy and satisfied with their services, resulting in client churn and loss of sales.  

But with a DAM system in place, agencies can take advantage of some operational efficiencies, allowing them to improve client delivery at all costs. For instance, using a digital management system can enable them to access essential digital assets, such as images, videos, and content layouts, without wasting time tracking them down.  

Moreover, aside from the agencies’ access, the DAM system also grants clients access to keep track of their projects. They’re given user rights, permissions, and other access features to ensure they’re updated with their digital assets.  

For these reasons, agencies will be able to improve client experience by making their clients satisfied with the delivery and quality of services.

2. It Helps Increase Creative Production  

With a DAM system, agencies can make their client experience more pleasant by accelerating creative content production. Since the system has the ability to eliminate the time spent on tedious tasks, their productivity levels can also increase. 

For example, agencies no longer need to search for digital assets or share files unsuccessfully. They can also get the most out of creative integrations to enable designers and other professionals to synchronize assets and access materials from the platform itself. 

Additionally, using a DAM system can help streamline creative production by making jobs more efficient for everyone, which means more tasks will be completed without rushing the creative production process of the projects. And as a result, clients will be more satisfied not just with the turnout of the project but with the fast completion time as well.  

3. It Allows Re-Using Content  

By having a DAM system, agencies can also have the ability to repurpose or reuse assets to ensure smooth delivery to various channels. Since all past and existing digital assets are stored in a single location, agencies can quickly locate archives of assets that are almost impossible to find without DAM. This can be an excellent way of improving client experience because repurposing or reusing content has been made much easier and faster.  

When clients have special requests about their digital assets, such as wanting to recycle a past asset for a particular channel, agencies can quickly abide with the help of a DAM system. Consequently, they can establish a strong business relationship with their clients.  

4. It Offers Peace Of Mind  

In today’s modern world, digital assets are easily susceptible to data breaches, cyberattacks, and even misuse. For instance, whether done accidentally or intentionally, the misappropriation of assets can cause significant damage to the agencies and their clients. Unfortunately, when this happens, the clients might lose their trust and confidence in their business. 

However, with a DAM system by their side, agencies and their clients can gain peace of mind knowing that digital assets are safe and protected. Most DAM systems have enhanced security features, which can help make sure only authorized persons have access to certain digital assets. Lastly, these systems have built-in security tools that can help protect clients’ assets from malicious attempts and cyber threats.  

Final Thoughts  

For agencies wanting to stand out for their clients, implementing digital asset management (DAM) system can be the best way they could do. Apart from enhancing operational efficiencies, DAM is designed to improve client experience by allowing content projects to operate smoothly without compromising quality. By completing projects on time and to the best of their abilities, agencies can provide a better experience for all their clients in the long run.  

Therefore, it’s best to keep the information mentioned above in mind for agencies that haven’t implemented a DAM system so they know how to use the software to their advantage. 

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