Just a Blink and you will see the Rubik’s Cube is solved by this machine

Just a Blink and you will see the Rubik's Cube is solved by this machine

Ever imagined a rubik’s cube being solved in just 0.38 seconds?

Well, this is now possible. Not manually but a machine has now made it all possible. This new machine solves the rubik’s cube in just 0.38 second. Starting from the registering of the keypress on the computer to the end when the flipping of the last face is seen, this machine shows it all. The cube actually moves in this machine and it displays the image capture, the time taken to solve the cube. As per the time computation, motion time is 335 ms, whereas the remaining time is consumed for acquisition and computation. The world record of solving the cube is 0.637 seconds. Humans could not manage solving the cube in such less amount of time. To make it possible machines are coming all its way.

This machine has been invented by Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo. They themselves are able to solve rubik’s cube in just half of the time of the previous world record. They still have hopes that they can do it even faster than this. They still think that lot of optimization space is left which can be worked upon and can be improved too.

The time taken by this machine is far better than the world record. But the machine can still do it in less time. Most of the time consumed is during the turning process. This is the case because debugging should take place with high speed camera. Even a single mistake can break the cube or will blow up FETs. After analysing the entire cube solving process conducted by the machine it was observed that each move of 90 degree takes around 10 ms but this machine can do it in 15 ms.

Video has been posted on the wall of the founder of this machine named as Katz YouTube. This machine is so fast in solving the cube that if you take a long blink you will miss how the machine solved the cube. To give you clarity on how the machine is working to solve the cube, the video speed reduces to 25% of the actual speed and then eventually it comes down to 3% of the speed to show you how exactly the machine works, to draw your attention towards the isolation of the sides and how it flips back to its place. After some debugging the speed is expected to be reduced further.

The building of this machine has taken a lot of time and it has been built with six motors, two play station eye camera and six motor drivers.

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