Leap.ai fills the communication gap between job-seeker and the recruiter by instant match for both the parties

Leap.ai fills the communication gap between job-seeker and the recruiter by instant match for both the parties

Job Search is one of the most complicated process as with so many options available and at times none its difficult for us to identify the good in us and in relevance to this finding the right type of job in the right company is a big task. While in that case, to make it all little easy for all the recruiters, Leap.ai has developed a very astounding recruiting platform which is especially for all the types of jobseekers. This platform has got a very effective feature named as Instant Match tool wherein based on the resume uploaded by the jobseekers will be offered with various job options from their database as per their skills and talents. This platform was developed with a motive of identifying which field the employee wish to pursue his/her career in, and its not just judged on the basis of the resume uploaded but there are various questions which are supposed to be answered by the jobseekers which helps Leap.ai to identify the interests of the jobseekers.

The basic facilities being offered by Leap.ai for the jobseekers are: Searching for the job options by visiting the job boards section of the site after inserting the right keyword you will get option for 2000 jobs displaying on your screens. With so many jobs available the jobseeker tends to get confused with which one is apt for them, well in that case the AI tech of Leap.ai has been developed effectively which makes it easy for them to identify just the right job for them.

There is a communication gap between the jobseeker and the job provider due to which despite of enough skills and capabilities the jobseeker is unable to find the right type of the job as the skills are not well presented on the platforms and also there is a huge communication gap. As a solution to this problem Leap.ai utilizes the base of the data so as to try and find out the specialities of each and every jobseeker. It also identifies the skills required for a specific job so as to serve this option in the plate of the one who has got those specific skills for respective job.

Leap.ai analysis the user’s profile in depth and also checks on the additional information provided by the jobseeker through various questions and all this helps them to identify the strengths, preferences and passion of an individual and in addition to this they find out the right company for the jobseeker to fit in well into the company’s requirement.

Leap.ai also analyse the school projects of the users so as to get an idea of their experience level and also to understand what they are good at. Jobseekers are asked to assess themselves and all their strengths and special skills. Also, Leap.ai co ordinates with the peers of the jobseekers from whom they get to know more about an individual. After all this, Leap.ai gets enough understanding of an individual so as to find the right job for them.

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