The Best Blog Content Ideas That Bring Massive Traffic

The Best Blog Content Ideas That Bring Massive Traffic

What does it take to keep blog readers constantly engaged? Fresh topics and great ideas are at the top of the list for sure. However, coming up with new topics isn’t that easy. You shouldn’t only rely on your capability to produce fresh content often.

There are ideas that you can adapt to your blog. These ideas can be your loyal helpers that will make a notable difference in your traffic rate. If you are determined to drive massive traffic to your blog and get the recognition you deserve, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Create a Follow Up Post

Your most popular posts can get a sequel. With Google Analytics you can check which posts attract readers the most and create a related piece. Maybe you can’t cover the same topic twice but you can add more information.

Let’s say that you write a healthy lifestyle blog and your most popular post is about a diet that doesn’t starve you but shows results. Write a second piece about another diet that has the same effect.

You can add the link of the new post at the end of the old one. This will encourage readers to stay on your blog and keep reading. If they find the first post to be engaging, they will want to find out more.

Evergreen Topics

If you want to drive new readers to your blog you have to ensure that your topics are not only interesting and valuable for a short period of time. When they have permanent value you’ll know that these posts drive traffic consistently even when new ones don’t.

Make it more effective by injecting UX Storytelling and this will ultimately lead to engage users easily by creating a memorable experience for them.

Of course, this can’t be applied to all topics. The point is that you have a few evergreen posts that will ensure an influx of readers at all times.

Think about the most commonly asked question in your niche. To differentiate your post from others (and there will be others) you should add your own twist to it. The title is crucial when it comes to popular topics. Make your post stand out with a unique title. Give the readers a reason to choose your post no matter how many others are there.

Target Audience’s Problems

Nowadays, when people have problems they turn to the internet. Instead of talking to their best friend or family members, people opt for the endless source of information such as Google.

The solution to their problem (or at least a suggestion) can be in your blog. Write about common problems that people encounter in their niche. Don’t just talk about the problem. Provide a solution. A roofing contractor business can, for example, write about leaky roof situation and what to do. Help people assess the gravity of their roof problem and what should be their next move.

Introduce the problem by stating the “symptoms” that will help people understand whether they can find useful information in your post. After that explain the best solution along with an explanation of why that choice is the right one.

Use credible sources that back up your advice. State the sources that you used. This will add additional value to your blog.

Talk About Your Problems and Your Solutions

Identifying with other people’s problems can often help us find the answer to ours. Blog writers are experts in their niche or at least have experience in that field that gives them a reason to write about such topics. That’s why people trust them.

Use your experience and share the problems you’ve encountered. By talking about how you solved your problems, your readers can find the solution as well.

Think about it like this, which of the two titles would you rather click on:

  • 5 Ways that Helped me Get over a Bad Breakup
  • How to Get Over a Breakup

The reason why this type of posts drives traffic is that people trust in personal experiences. Seeing a post that talks about a certain subject without specific examples will always get less traffic than the one that shares a real situation.

Price-Related Topics

Whenever someone wants to buy a product, the most common thing they’ll search for is the price-quality relation. A quality content that shares all the details about the pricing and whether the price is suitable for such a product will be in the spotlight.

How can you adapt this to your blog?

Business blogs can share posts that go into further detail about their products and why they cost as much as they do. Not only will this attract interested buyers to your blog but they’ll also feel more confident in buying your products.

You don’t have to run a business to write about pricing. For example, if you write a blog for parents you can make price comparisons of baby bottles, baby monitors, and similar. The important part is that you talk about products that would interest your target audience.

Welcome Another Writer on the Team

Most bloggers are lonely wolfs and don’t like to pass the control of their blog to others. There’s a good reason for that. You want your blog to have a personal touch and to keep the authenticity you provide it with.

As much as you think that you owe your readers to write every post, sometimes you need to change the course. If you don’t have the time to regularly publish new posts you should hire a writer. Professional writers can keep your style and form and most importantly, they’ll ensure that new posts drive new traffic. In this digital era, it is so easy to form a remote team, that you shouldn’t have a problem adapting.

Many companies offer writing services but not all of them provide high-quality. Here are a few trustworthy writing services that deserve your attention:

  • SupremeDissertations – This company has years of experience and talented writers that can adapt to any assignment.
  • GrabMyEssay – Even though GrabMyEssay is popular for essays, their experts can handle all tasks. Good word travels fast which is why they work on any kind of project that their clients ask for.
  • TopEssayWriting– TopEssayWriting offers high-quality content teamed up with an affordable price. They are proud of their perfect record when it comes to satisfied customers.
  • BestEssayEducation – The writers who work at BestEssayEducation are not only amazing at creating content but they are also experienced in research. They can analyze your blog and provide you with posts that will stay true to your style.
  • Grammarly – If you lack time for careful editing you should use an online editing app like Grammarly. It will spot all your errors and give suggestions on how to improve them.

Best/Top Lists

Who doesn’t want to know what the best of the best are? No matter what people are searching for they want to know their best options.

These lists can be about products, services, advice, or anything relevant to your target audience. Be very careful about what you add to the list. Don’t add items just for the sake of creating such a list. Your choices need to be picked for a reason.

Adding items that don’t deserve “the best/top” title can lead you to losing your credibility among the readers. Make sure that you explain why these items attained the place on your list. In that way, even if readers don’t agree that those are the best options, you’ll at least provide them with an explanation of why you think they are worthy of their attention.

The best/top lists can be as broad or as specific as you want. You can write about the best fishing rods in general, the best fishing rods under $50, or the best fishing rods for fishing with buzz baits and spinnerbaits.

There is an audience for every best/top list and you can easily come up with new “the best of” topics.

Product Reviews

Before a big purchase, most people start searching for online reviews. While the simple sentence or two reviews suffice for some, most of us rely more on elaborate and detailed reviews.

Whether you sell products or you buy products that your targeted audience is interested in, write about them. Go into detail and explain every aspect of it. This doesn’t mean that you should bore them with unnecessary information. Simply share everything that you would like to know if you were the buyer.

The problem with reviews is that they can get confusing. Wanting to include as many relevant information as possible, writers end up with a hot mess. What can help you to avoid such misfortune is hiring an editor from an experienced company like Classyessay. They can spot any inconsistency and advise you to change the structure if necessary.

Another helpful technique is to check the readability of your review. Online and free readability checker Readable is favorited among writers.

Inspiring Stories

Do something great for your readers and share inspiring stories that will leave a positive impact on them. Such stories can change their mindset and inspire them for something great.

The inspiring stories you share can be about yourself or any other person or situation. You can even use case studies that will give solid proof of success. Stories that inspire and evoke emotion are most likely to boost your blog’s engagement rate.

The way in which inspiring stories can benefit your blog is that people have a tendency to share them on their social media. If they read something that touched them or inspired them, they’ll want others to experience the same emotion.

Final Thoughts

Staying faithful to the same generic content ideas won’t get you far. Your best bet for driving massive traffic is to combine these proven ideas for driving traffic with your authentic approach. Don’t hesitate to even combine some of the ideas and create something completely new and exciting.

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