Copywriting Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

Copywriting Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

Are you facing difficulty in converting your traffic into customers? Or retaining the existing customers?

Then let me help you figure out what is lacking in your current plan of action and what you need to incorporate in it to increase the number of customers.

The future of the business does not simply rely on the number of products and services that you sell and the profit that you make. It is very important to include an aggressive marketing strategy in your business model.

The best way to go about it is to include copywriting in your marketing strategy. Companies focus on increasing the traffic on their websites. But it is very essential to convert that traffic into customers.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a way of advertising your products and services through persuasive information and content. It can help the customers to understand your company and its product in a better way.

In fact, copywriting is the best way to convey your message to the targeted audience and engage with them.

It can be compared to traditional marketing where ads are posted in newspapers to convey the benefits and features of the products to the people. Although, the perk of website copywriting is that you can make use of loads of analytical tools like the SEO analytical tools.

You can think of copywriting as your always-on-duty salesman!

What is Conversion Rate?

The ultimate goal of copywriting is conversion of the gained traffic into customers. Conversion rate means the percentage of the traffic/visitors that have achieved the end goal of the website i.e. converting into the customer (in case of businesses). Copywriting aids in enhancing the conversion rate and achieving the desired goals of the company.

Let’s face it, many businesses have a hard time achieving their desired goal of conversion. Do you also complain of receiving a great amount of traffic on your website but fail to convince them into becoming a customer?

Why do you think this gap exists?

Mainly because the copy is not efficiently made according to the targeted segment. Don’t worry! Here are some tactics to keep in mind while writing your copy.

Copywriting tactics to enhance the conversion rate

► Tactic 1: Listen to your Visitors

The first and foremost step in the journey to boost conversion rate is to identify your targeted audience and understand what they exactly need. This simple step can help you produce an excellent copy. To do so, you need to do two basic things:

Know your audience in and out:

Try to use the perks of digital marketing to your benefit and gather as much information as you can on your visitors e.g. their age, gender, likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. Use this information to create content that is relevant to them and that they can relate to.

If you don’t have any existing information then try to gather the information by way of Surveys. Surveys can also help you build a persona of your visitors and get your copy going.

Don’t try to sell, try to convince:

One big mistake copywriters make is that they fail to understand the desires of the targeted segment. Your copy should not focus on selling the product.

It should be addressing the desires of the visitors and convincing them to act upon it.

Tip: Keep in mind that you cannot change the desires of people but you can persuade them with your words and actions.

► Tactic 2: Let your Headline speak for itself

People have a very busy lifestyle and the last thing they want to do is to go through lengthy texts. So they have developed a habit of scanning through blogs and articles quickly.

80% of the people these days tend to only refer to the headlines and try to understand what the whole blog is about. So this makes the headlines very important.

The headlines should be short and simple that any layman can understand. It should be self-sufficient in presenting an idea of what the blog is about. If headlines are appealing then they can persuade the readers to read further. In addition to that, it has a key role in driving search traffic. So the headlines can help you increase your reach as well.

Tip: The headlines that are creative or quirky, catch the eyes of the readers.

► Tactic 3: AIDA Model is a must

The blogs that are creative and use the written set of tactics reach a higher amount of audiences. Good content is not enough, it needs to be perfect.

For that you have to constantly look forward to improving the results. The content has to have some value in it apart from exclusive words and phrases.

There are some factors that can help you with that. One of them is the AIDA Model.

► Tactic 4: Woo them with Testimonials

Let your copy include the element of emotion in it. People can connect more with people than products. So the right way is to include the testimonials in your copy that can review your products and company.

If any visitor is skeptical about converting then the testimonials can act as a given experience that the visitor can expect after conversion. The testimonials should be compelling and realistic.

Tip: Tell your Brand story, your vision and mission. Try to connect with your readers emotionally as much as possible.

► Tactic 5: Content Strategy

Content strategy is something that can take your copy from a good copy to an excellent one. Simply pouring your heart out and writing on any random topics cannot be enough to even bring traffic let alone converting them.

What does the AIDA Model mean?

If you want to achieve a copy that is overall excellent then you cannot neglect the AIDA model. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Aida model

The AIDA model is a very special model that can help you create powerful and influential content. It can increase the conversion rate and boost sales.

► Attention: You need to create awareness of your content and attract the attention of the readers. The main idea is to create headlines that are direct and self-explanatory. The headline should be well thought as it can attract many views.

To make a good headline, write something that is informative, has numbers, questions, etc.
Interest: The interest of the visitors can be gained by providing them with benefits of the products or services you are trying to sell.

Something that can benefit the customer in any way will always help you gain their interest.

► Desire: The main gap lies between what the website is trying to sell and what the customer actually desires for. You have to portray your products in a way that conveys the message to the customers that it is exactly what they desire. The content should be persuasive and convincing in nature.

► Action: The final step is the CTA (Call-to-Action). Many marketers completely neglect this step. After convincing the customers you have to present them with the idea to act upon it. The CTA depends on the purpose of your website. You can also directly state what kind of action you require your visitor to do.

If it is an article based then your CTA would be to ask them to like, comment and share. In case it is a sales-based website then you can ask them to take a trial of the product, purchase it, etc.

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Here are some tips to build a content strategy:

Tip 1: Choose the content topic as per the demands of your target segment.

Tip 2: Do extensive research and provide in-depth information, stories, descriptions, etc. in your copy

Tip 3: Make the most of Marketing tools and always work with SEO tools.

Tip 4: Focus on the technical factors like Page Load Time, Layout Optimization, Click-Through Rates, etc.

Always Remember…

Your blog or copy acts as an entry point to your website and can either convince or lose the visitor altogether.

So copywriting should be considered as one of the most important elements and constant efforts should be made to improve the results.

Try to discover other drawbacks and tweaks in your copy and alter your copywriting strategy accordingly.

“The appropriate use of words, strategies and marketing tools can boost the Conversion rate by a huge percent”

Here is my CTA for my readers: Implement these tactics into your copywriting and see the wondrous conversion results it gives you!

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