Improve UX With These 5 Classic Storytelling Techniques

Improve UX With These 5 Classic Storytelling Techniques

Listening to stories has always been the most favorite task of all of us since our childhood. Stories mesmerize us to a extent that we are lost in some other world forgetting about our existence in the real world. Stories grab the attention of an individual effectively and ensure to keep complete hold of it. Stories have the power to deliver the message in the right way. When you are designing some mobile or web apps, ensure to make it more effective by injecting UX Storytelling and this will ultimately lead to engage users easily by creating a memorable experience for them.

Before applying the concept of UX storytelling it is important for the designers to understand the foundation and the base of UX Storytelling techniques well. Once they get clarity on this, they will get an idea of how this can be utilized effectively to create designs that is sure to attract the audience.

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There are some fundamentals that need to be considered while you are planning for the delivery of your UX Storytelling. The concept of Storytelling on general basis is slightly different from Storytelling considering the Digital Perspective. There are 5 basic fundamentals or the key elements that will make you UX Storytelling more effective and will grab the attention of your audiences easily. Make sure to consider the following basic fundamentals in your storytelling:

1. The lead character of your story

One very important aspect of your story is the lead character of your story. Lead Characters depicts the exact purpose of the site. Identify the exact purpose of the site, the reason for which the site has been created and that reason will be the leading role of your story. The leading role should be the cynosure of your site and should be displayed clearly. Hiding it will lead the audience in confusion. You can provide a memorable user experience to all your users simply b considering following aspects:

  • The visibility and the appearance of the Lead Role.
  • Display of required information in form of text.
  • Strong connection between Lead Role and Audience should be created so as to gain positive reviews.

2. Aspirations of your Site

The second important element to be considered in UX storytelling is the Aspirations of your site. The aspirations to be placed on the site can be from your point of view or it can also be from users point of view. Choosing the right point of view depends on the purpose of creating the site. With the motive of selling the products, your aspirations tend to be displayed on the site. But on the other end, if you wish to just educate the users by giving them information you in that case aspiration from user’s point of view will work the best. You need to get clarity on your purpose first this will ultimately give you clarity on the placement of aspirations too.

3. The Adversary

A story is incomplete without the existence of Adversaries in it. Adversary in UX Storytelling depicts the competitor’s site. If your site fails to fulfil the requirement of the users and they do not find you unique enough, then they are sure to visit your competitors. To avoid this scenario to be faced by you it is important to ensure that if a user is there to buy the product from your site, make them understand the need of the product and how can it be helpful to the user. If they are there to get some information, ensure to deliver them with easy accessibility of the required information.

4. The twists and turns

The twists and turns with the lead character are required to end your story well. Associating it with your website, twists and turns is all about bringing the users to conclude their visit to your site as per what you have planned for them. It is all about your call to action, converting the visitors in regular buyers.

5. The Conclusion

By this point of time, the visitors to the site should have got good experience pertaining to the site and they might as well have purchased the required product or have gathered enough information too as per their need. But this does not end here. Successful site is the one which brings back its visitors again by giving them an appropriate reason to come back again. Your sole purpose should not just be sale or giving them required information but it should be more than that where you are giving them a reason to visit you on constant basis.

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