Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

On one end the story feature of the Snapchat was being appreciated by a lot of people and on the other end Facebook was undergoing the planning of introducing something similar but with its own uniqueness. Finally Facebook somehow managed to launch the Stories Feature on its app too which works exactly the same like snapchat does. Facebook launched the Stories Features on Instagram, Whatsapp and even Messenger. The more people get, the more they demand. The social media giants now are demanding a platform where they can share their stories across various platforms and different apps.

Considering which Facebook is now integrating the Facebook Stories and Messenger. This feature of Facebook was named as Stories. The photos or video you will add to your story will reflect on facebook and messenger both and will be shared with same audience on both the platforms. Facebook looked into the issue being faced by the people where they shared the images on one platform saved it to post on the other, which seems to be quite tedious task. To sort this out Facebook came with this Stories feature where it gets easier to capture and share the moments exactly the same time when the moment happens.

The product manager of Facebook Connor Hayes notified that opportunity will be given to multiple people to share story from multiple angles. People will get to see the stories on their Events and Group pages and also on the top of their News Feed. He further notified that that as the posts are in sync which states that if a story is viewed on one app, it will not be shown as not viewed in the other. Though the apps will be sharing the stories, the camera feature in both the apps will remain different.

Snapchat has its own private group which is similar to group chat feature, but Facebook has turned out to be unique in a way as it enables to make group around the similar hobbies, professions, locations and ideologies so as to create niche stories content which might not attract the friends but will attract the people with similar interest for sure.

Facebook is also planning to route all the Stories replies and Facebook Camera messages thoruhg Messenger so as to eliminate the use of Facebook Direct. This will be implemented after accurately researching in the market.

The next new feature of the Stories is that Facebook users who are also the part of the Groups and Events will now make their Stories visible to rest of the members too. Facebook is also expected to come out with another new feature which is the new privacy controls for Stories, which is applicable to both its main app and Messenger. Facebook will be giving you the choice of selecting your audience which can be either from Public, Friends only, Friends, custom list of specific people and connections.

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