Send money to your buddies using PayPal on Messenger

Send money to your buddies using PayPal on Messenger

Paypal has now introduced a new feature where it enables to send and receive payments from peer-to-peer ever the facebook messenger. This will make it easier for the friends and family to exchange money avoiding all the hustle and bustle. Payment in integration with the messenger also included Paypal’s first customer service bot which is helpful in managing the queries of the customers.

Facebook and Paypal made an agreement of giving an allowance to 2.5 million PayPal customers in the U.S with the facility of connecting and merging their accounts with Messenger added to this they were also given an access to shop on Messenger and also undergo a communication with various other PayPal users. Customers can also opt for receiving notifications and receipts of the transactions that has been made online by them.

Paypal has got good response on launching this feature and this was stated based on the number of linked up accounts. Nearly 2.5 million users linked their Paypal account with the Messenger and still the growth is yet to come. Paypal is still bringing a new innovation named as the new PayPal bot for messenger which is said to serve the users with the best service of interacting with others. It will provide the customers with the services like refunds, or payment issues, handling account queries, resetting passwords etc.

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PayPal also was found to collaborate with Apple’s Siri to bring the concept of transactions with voice. Not only this, it even collaborated with Microsoft so as to allow the transaction of money with the help of skype chat function. PayPal made payments possible with the help of messenger where the it is possible to make payment just by clicking on the green payment button. PayPal bot can be used in the search field, just by typing a message to the PayPal post which you will get to see bot inside the messenger app.

Facebook approved on sending payments through messenger two years ago. The process involved the used to provide the details of their Visa or MasterCard debit number issued by the back in the messenger. To provide security it offered with a PIN. By introducing this feature Facebook has successfully made messenger a platform for all the commerce transactions.

Chatbots has proven to be much of use as it helps the customers to deal with various transactions like reordering, sending gifts or paying the bills. The messenger bot and p2p payment options are now active on messenger but its accessibility globally will still take time.

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