Recommended web hosting service in Europe, Canada, Singapore

Recommended web hosting service in Europe, Canada, Singapore

A reliable web host is a key point in your online business, getting fast loading speed, and a good stability. Today, after some experiences with our clients, we recommend an European web host with worldwide presence : YOORshop

Background data:

Entreprise Hardware
Premium Data center hardwares :
3D NVMe SSD, Intel processor…

Home servers
Technical Support 24h/7
Helpdesk with high reactivity, and accuracy (English&French)
Highly searchable knowledge base thanks to Sphinx…

Home servers
Premium server softwares
High performance hosting with top softwares :
cPanel, MariaDB, Nginx, LiteSpeed, PHP-FPM…

Home servers
Multiple PHP versions, free SSL certificates, Brotli compression
Your website within 3 clicks, HTTP2 protocol, web security integrated…

Key features:

  • Friendly cPanel (we love it as it is clear how to use it)
  • Resources are guaranteed
  • Reactive customer support, average 30 minutes with effective solution
  • NVMe SSD servers (top speed)
  • High web security (specific WAF is monitoring files and acting when attack is detected)
  • Free SSL certificates (Unlimited)
  • 10 days backup easily accessible from cPanel (this tool is really fantastic in many cases)

Offers (only NVMe SSD):

Traditional shared hosting (but fast and isolated)

High Availability hosting (better than cloud, this service is clustered between data centers !, excellent for exigent customers)


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