5 Reasons Address Verification Is Crucial For Business

5 Reasons Address Verification Is Crucial For Business

When running a business, you always want to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. One of the factors that may contribute to this seamless running is address verification. Address verification refers to the thorough assessment of addresses in your mailing or contact list. This process involves the careful checking of spelling mistakes, whether the address is up to date, and if the address matches its description (i.e., assessing whether the address is residential or postal), and checking for address duplications.

Furthermore, having your address verified will help you know if your business address is valid and assesses its format in various databases. Addresses are required to be formatted in specific ways in certain countries and verification grants you an opportunity to review the formatting.

Once you’ve reviewed your address details on any platform and updated your information, you’ve already completed the address verification. Here are other reasons why address verification is crucial for your business:

1. Increases Customer Contentment

People make mistakes all time, whether it be in writing down their address or even their name. Sometimes you may not notice the typing and formatting errors that you make. This could lead you to insert the wrong address when you order a parcel for your business or when you send one to a client. Having a parcel sent to the wrong address can be a tedious process to undo. Because of this, the customer you’re engaging with may get irritated with your service.

To rectify this, your business should actively engage in address verification. Address verification can be done manually by asking clients to confirm their address at least once, comparing a given address against a template, or running parcels through various people in order to continuously verify the address. Another option available to you is the use of address verification software, such as www.lob.com and other similar sites, which could be added to a company’s database or network. This software has functions that detect typing errors and formatting issues.

Thereafter, you can be more certain that your customer’s parcel will arrive at the predicted time, and not weeks later because of a typing error in the address provided. Customers will value your service and remain content with your approach to ensure safe and valid address delivery.

2. Reduces The Amount Of Returned Mail

Having an influx of returned mail could be a financial burden on your company. A large amount of returned mail is evidence that changes need to take place within the packaging and delivery process.

Returned mail is usually associated with a wrong address, which is usually a result of typing and formatting errors.

You can avoid the financial burden attached to excess returned mail through address verification. Once you’ve verified an address, either manually or with the use of software, you can expect to see a decrease in returned mail. Furthermore, if the public or previous clients become aware of the constant influx of returned mail you’re receiving, it may result in a business downfall. Customer reviews stating that your business delivers to the wrong addresses will create a bad image for your brand.

mail for address verification

Confirming email addresses is also a good way to avoid having returned mail or mail going to the wrong email addresses. Some businesses undergo email address verification by sending an email and having people confirm through their mailbox.

If they don’t receive the email, they can then review their email address and further assess whether they’ve written it out correctly. Through this process, you can avoid the tediousness of sending valid information to the wrong email or to an email that doesn’t exist.

3. Opens You To Marketing Opportunities

Sometimes, you may want to market your products by sending a pamphlet or a free sample to the clients on your mailing list. However, your plan may backfire due to a formatting or typing error in a client’s address. Address verification can allow for a smoother marketing campaign where you’re sure that you’re reaching the people you want to.

Furthermore, verification of email addresses gives room for a more consistent marketing campaign. After you’ve undergone email address verification, you may then condense all valid email addresses into a mailing list and send out a marketing campaign whenever you need to.

You may encounter along the entrepreneurial journey that you haven’t been reaching your intended audience, whether it be through their email addresses, physical addresses, or postal ones. Address verification could be a way to resolve this issue and increase improve your access to more marketing opportunities.

4. Improves Businesses Delivery Speed

People like to receive their packages fast. This is why people always choose express delivery. However, if you’re working with an address with errors, no matter how fast your packaging and sorting process is, your parcel might spend eons in the delivery process. Therefore, it requires more than the right intention to ensure fast delivery.

You can ensure a good delivery speed by thoroughly checking the information provided by the customer, including their addresses. Sometimes when you send a parcel out, instead of sending it back as returned mail, delivery companies may attempt to correct formatting and typing errors where needed. This could be very time-consuming and may result in a person’s parcel being delivered very late.

Address verification by the client and the business is essential in maintaining a good delivery speed., which in turn increases your business’s reputation.

5. Could Save You Time

When there’s a mishap with deliveries due to the wrong address, you’ll have to allot time and resources to remedy the situation. Address verification could allow for less time to be dedicated to solving delivery errors and more for exploring and implementing other business strategies and operations.

Anything that hinders the operation and growth of your business should be assessed thoroughly. If returned mail and low customer satisfaction are affecting your business, engaging in address verification will do nothing but add to the smooth running of your business.

Engage In Address Verification

Address verification may be just what your business needs to remedy its influx of returned mail, slow deliveries, or any other related issues. With the way the world is, address verification could be a form of cybersecurity in digital marketing because it ensures safety and validity when information is exchanged between a client and the business. A typing error in an address could be a major setback for your business, so try to correct it while you can. This relatively simple process will do wonders for the operations of your business.

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