Why AngularJS Should be Preferred for your Next Project

Why AngularJS Should be Preferred for your Next Project

As we all know the fact that the technology keeps on changing every single second. There are so many technological innovations developed and introduced every single day. Major change has been seen in the industry of Web Development. The introduction of AngularJS among the JavaScript frameworks has does it all. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. It is hybrid HTML/ JavaScript which aids in the simplifying the process of building web applications. Angular has gained much popularity in the market especially for the front end developers in a very short span of time. It is managed to create lot of website which are benefited with rich features and showcase simplicity yet attractiveness in itself. The reason behind its popularity is the advantages it offers and serves the developers with. The advantages which has made AngularJS popular as follows:

1. Complete Security System

Security is considered to be the most important concern when it comes to the development of enterprise. Majority of the enterprises are now focused on securing the data, providing easy accessibility to their channels. All this demands such enterprises to look into a powerful security solution for all the business processes. AngularJS ensures to provide a complete package of security.

2. Effective utilization of MVC architecture

To develop various web applications, AngularJS relies on MVC architecture. MVC is responsible for splitting the app to be implemented and rest all the actions are being performed by AngularJS. MVC stands for Model View Controller, where view is in charge of displaying all the important data and controller is responsible for bridging the gap between view and model.

3. Testing free from all sort of complications

Various parts of application placed in AngularJS can be manipulated very easily. The separation in the module allows the users to load only those services which they think are required and also it also helps them perform the automatic testing at ease.

4. Use of Declarative Code Style

Declarative Code style is being used by AngularJs for building patterns. The codes become lightweight and also it can be easily read and supported. All this is made possible due to Declarative Code style and it also guides you on all the required steps.

5. Complete Package of Solution

AngularJS focuses more on functioning for the client side. It is easily accessible and also compatible on both the desktops browsers as well as mobile phones. It does not demand any backend modifications which make it easy for you to use AngularJS for any of your projects.

6. Ease and Convenience in the use

AngularJS has got lot of rich features which eliminates the need of developers of writing various codes and makes the web development process very easy. In order to implement important data models, the users do not have to write setters and getters. Directives not being integral part of the app code can be managed easily by other teams too.

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