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5 Best On-Page and Off-Page SEO Tools For Experts

5 Best On-Page and Off-Page SEO Tools For Experts

SEO has become a really important game in this era. According to BrightEdge, 68 percent of online experiences begin from search engines. Moreover, about 93 percent of global traffic is coming from Google Maps, Google Images and Google Searches. That's what makes Google the most important search engine to crack when it comes to SEO.

Different experts use different techniques in order to get to the top of Google. However, it is very clear that a site must be two or more years old in order to reach the first page of Google for any particular query. Well, if your site is more than a year old, and you are thinking about optimizing search engines.

Then, there are two basic phases, On-Page and Off-Page. Well, actually, these are not the phases; they go hand in hand with each other and help to rank a site.

What Is On-Page & Off-Page SEO

In simple words, everything or change that is done on your website after you purchase the domain can be termed as On-Page changes. All the text, images, styles, jqueries, and everything that can be seen or observed on your website is your On-Page. Improving your website UX/UI and enhancing its content according to the demands of the search engine along with the user is normally known as On-Page SEO.

Coming to Off-Page SEO, it's basically referral marketing. Where different websites link back to your site or different pages of your site on a suitable keyword. There are numerous ways to get a backlink, for example, guest posting, blog commenting, web 2.0, business listing, social media sharing, etc.
Experts use different tools and techniques in order to lift their On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Best On-Page SEO Tools

There are so many On-Page SEO tools around the internet, which can be used for different purposes. The most important function of these tools is to enhance your content, UX/UI and pagespeed. Let's look at some tools that can help you with this.

1. Google Keyword Planner

In order to optimize your content, it is important that it contains suitable keywords. Google keyword planner can be used as a keywords hub to extract the best suitable keywords for your content.

Keep a few things in mind while selecting keywords. About 70 percent of queries contain four or more keywords. So your keyword should be long. Moreover, try to optimize keywords having WH questions. Voice searches are increasing day by day, and it is the future. All the voice searches somehow contain a WH question. For example, what is the nearest restaurant around me, etc.

When you search for new keywords, make your google ads account. In the Tools bar, look for Keyword Planner. Now select 'discover new keywords'.

google keyword planner tool

Now, you have to select your targeted region and enter the keyword which you want to optimize or get suggestions for.

keyword selection region wise

Now you will see different keywords related to your search. Choose low competition and high volume keywords keeping in mind the guidelines I have mentioned above.

keyword ideas by keyword planner tool

You can explore more options in it, like bids, supporting keywords, etc.

2. CopyScape

Google emphasizes a lot on the originality of your content. The content you write must be unique and should not be copied from anywhere or any resources on the internet. So in order to write unique content, you should search the material from the internet and then write it in your own words.

Copyscape can help you analyze if you have written a unique material or not. It can tell you if any of a single line or even a small part of the content is plagiarized.

See how Copyscape shows you the result. It also tells you from which internet source your content is resembling or have been copied.

All you need is to upload your page on your website and paste the URL into the Copyscape window.

3. PageSpeed Insight

Bounce rate, click-through rate, impressions, loading speed and such elements are very important SEO factors. These are directly linked with the pagespeed of your website. Better the pagespeed, the better are the chances that a user will not bounce back.

Google has its own tool named as PageSpeed Insights, which can help you optimize your website for Mobile and Desktop and improve its speed.

pagespeed insight tool

It will suggest some changes like FCP, LCP, development, coding, images, and etc. You can easily follow the guides to improve the score and pagespeed of your web page using it.

Top Off-Page SEO Tools

More or less, Off-Page SEO tools are used to get the backlinks of any particular website. You can easily analyze the nature of backlinks your competitor has used to rank their website.

Also, you can analyze your own backlinks in order to audit the website.

We will be discussing some of the most popular and most useful SEO tools that can be helpful with our backlink analysis.

1. Ahrefs Link Explorer

Ahrefs is one of the biggest or the biggest SEO tools used all over the world. It is obviously a paid tool, but it is worth paying for. You can get so many options and ways to analyze your website. It has content explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, and many other options.

Ahrefs-Link Explorer seo tool

Ahrefs claims that their crawler visits 6 billion pages every 24 hours. This is the reason their results are so accurate and are accepted by experts around the globe.
In order to get backlinks of your or your competitor's website, you can simply go to site explorer and insert the domain or the page of which you need backlinks. Then click on the backlinks, and you will get all the reports.

You can download this report easily by clicking the export button. Academic sites are using these options to rank their 'write my assignment' pages and analyze their backlinks. There are so many options to filter out backlinks by types, nofollow/dofollow, date, language, etc.

2. SEMRush

It is another lovely tool. I personally use it for keyword exploration. It has fantastic features. Moreover, it can be used for backlink analysis.

SemRush seo tool

From email analytics to social media optimization, it gives you a complete report and analysis. The greatest feature of SEMRush is you can add projects and competitors to it. It will analyze your competitors and will give you Off-Page and On-Page suggestions accordingly.

backlink seo tool

You can then click on different ideas as per your need. On clicking on the backlink ideas, you will get automatic suggestions from the tool.

Backlink explorer tool

While using the tool, you will see more useful options.

Summing Up…

There are so many more tools like SEO Crawler, MOZ, WordCounter.io that play an important role in analyzing your website's SEO performance. However, the discussed tools, if used properly, will benefit your website and can work effectively for you. Best of Luck!

Author Bio

Claudia Jeffrey is an external QA Editor at Crowd Writer, where students can buy coursework UK. She loves to read tech and SEO related articles. Claudia often shares her ideas and knowledge through her blog articles on different sites.


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