11 Important Points to Consider While Redesigning Your Website

11 Important Points to Consider While Redesigning Your Website

If your website takes time to load or if you’ve not revamped it for quite a long time. It’s time to redesign it.

Keeping an old and obsolete website up for a very long period of time doesn’t help you fetch positive outcomes; instead, it lowers your user-engagement graph and generates no potential leads. It in fact, impacts your Google’s ranking, which is a huge loss in the time of the internet.

Redesigning your company’s website is critical. So, if you’re planning to redesign your old website, then read this post until the end.

Here in this post, we shall share with you the Important Points to Consider While Redesigning Your Website.

So, let’s get started…

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Whether you’re building a new website or redesigning an old one – achieving a high ranking in the top search engines on the internet, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others, should be your top priority. Getting listed in these engines is not that easy as it appears. There are a lot of considerations to make while you redesign your website that rank on all search engines.

Two things are essential when redesigning your website: creativity and technical knowledge. It is crucial that those things are achieved by considering new trends and contact custom web design company. Some of the details are product selection, preferably of the main product, URL selection and registration, web hosting for your website, and ranking in top searches through best design.

You must consider new trends for revamping your website, which include the user interface (UI), web performance, and Google ranking. All this will help you have increased traction and a robust online presence. Obviously, redesigning a website is a difficult task, but you may benefit from increased profits if you follow the tricks below.

Factors to Consider Before a Website Redesign

1. Enticing Home Page

The key pointer to remember when designing your website is that your homepage must be able to entice visitors within the first few seconds, or else they will lose interest and move on to another site, as people are generally impatient. Writing proposals, creating new web designs, and distributing press releases is necessary.

2. Color Scheme

A color scheme is also an important consideration when designing a website, whether for yourself or for a client. When you already know that your website is obsolete and old, then there is no point in having the same color scheme. You can come up with a beautiful and eye-catching color scheme. However, using neutral colors that reflect your domain can help you attract modern users to your website.

3. Responsive Website

If you haven’t already, please add this to the list. It is the most important criterion for website redesign in today’s scenario. All you have to do is to make your website responsive or mobile-friendly. It is because 90% of users use their mobiles or smartphones to make any purchase or get any information on the internet. According to Google’s index algorithm 2015, having a mobile-friendly website is vital. It can improve your website’s ranking on all top search engines.

4. SEO Friendly Website

Whether you are designing a new website or redesigning an existing one, having an SEO-friendly website is a MUST. When we say SEO-friendly website, it includes;

  • Blog – Google appreciates websites with fresh and unique content. Believe it or not, fresh content is prioritized over stale content. So, if you don’t have a blog column on your website, it’s time to add one! Having a blog will not only allow you to build a community of followers but will also aid in website SEO. So, make sure to create a blog section on your website this time.
  • High-Quality Content – The days of search engines favoring text are long gone. Now, Google appreciates high-quality content. Google now gives you preference if your website has rich content. It’s simple – today, rich content ranks higher. And rich include a mix of images, text, infographics, and animations.

5. Easy Navigation

Another important point to consider while redesigning your website is easy navigation. You must ensure that your website is easy to navigate, allowing users to tour and browse your services easily.

Your website must have a navigation menu, either at the top or as a navigation slide. The navigation slide, also known as the hamburger menu, is less effective than the menu displayed at the top.

Remember that today’s users don’t have much time to spend on your website. Whatever time they spend on your website, they like to look over all of the major elements. And it is difficult for a slide to display in that limited time frame.

Today’s users believe in fast functionalities. This implies that they want a seamless experience, which is only possible with the top menu. The top menu simply lists all of the major headers with a drop-down symbol, making the user experience seamless.

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6. Fast Loading Times

As said earlier, today’s users don’t have much time to spend on your website. And you already know that the internet is swamped with unlimited websites, making it easier for users to leave your page the moment it slows down. So, when you think of website redesigning, think of speed and performance. This is one of the most important points to consider while redesigning your website.

According to Google’s Page Experience Update 2021, Largest Contentful Paint is one of Google’s Core Web Vitals indicators. It evaluates the loading experience and influences how Google ranks your page.

It measures how long it takes to load the most important and relevant content on a web page. The page load time is measured in seconds, with 2.5 seconds or less considered ideal. So, if your website takes a long time (more than 2.5 seconds), you’re going to lose your potential customers for sure. They will leave your website and will never return if it takes too long to load.

The longer it takes to load a website, the lower its google ranking will be. There are several reasons why your website’s LCP is longer than it should be, including a large number of images, too many third-party scripts, and inadequate web hosting services. So, get rid of everything that adversely impacts your website loading time. Increasing your website’s speed to 2 – 2.5 seconds can improve your conversion rate by up to 74%.

Besides, you can consider using image compression tools, as images are one of the primary factors influencing website loading time.

7. Create a Landing Page

The next very important thing to have in your website while you are redesigning your website is adding a landing page. It will assist you in generating high-quality leads. The landing page implores visitors to visit your website and explore the services you provide. As a result, it should be crisp, short, and visually appealing, with content emphasizing your company’s differentiating features.

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8. User-Friendly & Interactive

There was a time when Google admired heavy content. But, it’s not significant at all. Now, your website needs to be simple, elegant, interactive, and easy to use. Today’s users see how well your site interacts with them.

The best is to use a neutral color scheme, eliminate redundancy, create forms with fewer UI components, and so on. Doing so will allow users to save a lot of time and have a great user experience.

9. Employ a Call-To-Action

Call-To-Action or CTA plays a significant role in improving business performance. Adding CTA to your website while redesigning it can help you tremendously. Adding a submit button in the contact us page will allow your customers to contact you in no time.

10. Social Media Plugins

We live in the age of social media. Over 80% of mobile users are active on social media platforms, making them important factors to consider when redesigning a website. As a result, it is critical that you incorporate social media plugins into your website. Include it if it isn’t already in the website redesign.

Social media plugins can be placed at the top or bottom of your website. These plugins are frequently placed at the bottom, where they are easily visible to users. Try tagging all of your social media plugins with snappy one-liners to attract users’ attention.

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11. Add Contact information

Not displaying your contact information on your business website is the biggest mistake that you make. Don’t you want your audience to contact you? And if you do – How will your audience contact you if you don’t include your contact number or email address on your website?


If your business website doesn’t display contact information, your audience simply leaves it never to come back. So, if you haven’t added your information to your old site, add now.

Since you’re redesigning your website – now, it’s a great opportunity to add your contact information to your website. You can have your contact information displayed in the website footer or at the top of the homepage.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the 11 most important factors to consider when redesigning your website. Remember that an out-of-date website is useless.

Your website should be designed or redesigned with the user in mind. Only when all of the parameters are met by your website will it be ranked on search engines. And this is what you want to accomplish when you create your website.

So, keep the aforementioned pointers in mind while you redesign your website. Hopefully, this article has been enlightening for you and will help you redesign your website excellently!

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