8 Best No Code App Development Platforms for Custom Mobile Apps

Best No Code App Development Platforms for Custom Mobile Apps

Is building an application your dream? But don’t know how to make your dream a reality because of a lack of knowledge of coding? Then, here comes the ‘No code platforms’ to your aid! Yes, there are no code app development platforms that beginners can consider using to build apps. All you have to do is to read this article until the end to learn about the unique platforms.

Whether you’re planning to establish a small startup or already have an established business, embracing the terms of the digital world is important to taste the essence of success. Mobile and web apps have taken the world to a next new level. Almost every business today has an app. The applications are designed to leverage the potential of digital marketing and incorporate effective advertising elements to enhance business growth.

But, is hiring professionals to build apps possible for everyone? No one can firmly take a stand on this. However, there is a unique way to build applications without hiring developers. Yes, through No code platforms! It offers abundant benefits for your business, such as encouraging collaboration, increased efficiency, easier maintenance, and others. So, embrace the latest technology platforms to develop customized mobile or web applications.

Empower your business and move towards the next level with no code app development platforms. Keep exploring to learn about the nooks and corners of the top 8 no-code app development platforms. In this article, we are sharing with you the 8 best no code platforms to develop stunning apps.

So, without further delay, let’s delve into the details! Here we go…

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What Is No Code App Development?

As the name suggests, No Code App Development is the process in which developers create apps without any coding. In simple words, anyone can build the application without previous coding experience. There are several online platforms that allow for no code app development. The process includes drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built components, and visual workflows. Such components of no code app development let users build, customize, and deploy applications easily and quickly.

Wondering what a no-code platform can do?

Here are the best options listed. It allows developers to effectively build software features for businesses, including websites, job boards, newsletters, client portals, and databases. In addition, testing the idea for an application, website, and tool also becomes a breeze with these platforms.

Beyond its usage and purpose, choosing a no-code software platform offers plenty of advantages. No code app development platforms increase agility, reduce costs, and are affordable.

Features Of No Code App Development Platforms

Knowing the features of a no code development platform helps users craft the best application. So, let’s know about them in detail. Here we go…

Drag-And-Drop Interface

Hope you all know about the drag-and-drop interface; if not, just go through the upcoming lines. Drag-and-drop is a simple way to transfer data between applications on the Windows desktop or within applications. For example, a user can drag a file from one application to drop it on another app on the mobile or desktop. This is the easiest way to transfer any components from one to another.

It is worth noting that drag-and-drop is the core feature of a no code application development platform. This interface allows users to create an app interface just by dragging and dropping components. Using this feature, developers can even build custom applications. This feature eliminates the need for extensive coding and allows developers or users to concentrate on app logic and usability.

Data Connections

Data connections are yet another wonderful feature of No code platforms. It lets the users manage and process the data. That indicates that no code app development platforms come with two options. They are pre-configured databases and server-side software, or intuitive user interfaces to connect with the database that users prefer. No code mobile app platform assists users in building user-facing visuals and the data management process as well.

Workflow Modelling and User Interface Builder

As stated earlier, building any mobile or web application becomes easy through No code platforms. Another unique feature of this platform is workflow modeling. It allows users to manage all the data without using a single code in the interface. Workflow modeling quickly puts the preconfigured elements together.

The user interface builder is all about the drag-and-drop function. You can assemble everything from the header to the footer within a few minutes. It includes tables, forms, and images as well.


Integrating with other software lets users create more connections. Consider this scenario: if your business requires multiple applications to enhance profits, then you need to automate collaboration and workflow. Most of the No code platforms provide integration features. This feature allows developers to integrate with other software and enable users to connect the data and process it further. Users can easily integrate the developed application using API integration with all kinds of web apps. It includes Google Maps, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


For sure, you would have heard of the word code optimization. This word simply means reducing the lines of code while building applications. Reusability is another significant feature cum advantage of no code app development platforms. This feature allows developers to build a new application using multiple small parts of a specific application. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and money and helps entrepreneurs elevate their businesses with a stunning application.

So, these are some of the astounding features of no code platforms; let’s now take a look at some of the best no code app development platforms. Here we go…

8 Best No Code App Development Platforms

No code app development platforms or no code app creators are pretty popular these days. There are numerous platforms offering no code development of app, we have rounded up a list of the top 8 for you; take a look!

1. Bubble

Bubble - no code app development platform

Bubble is one of the best No code platforms that lets users design, develop, host, and scale applications. The drag-and drop design editor for quick organization and instant app preview make this framework a remarkable one.

Hosting the developed applications is quite simple and safe through the Bubble no code app tools. Yes, with one click, users seamlessly deploy it to their live audiences, and they can connect it to their own domain. Thus, from building landing pages to developing data-driven web apps, everything becomes simple through Bubble. Apart from this, you can create social networks, CRM systems, and marketplace platforms with this user-friendly interface.

Key Features of Bubble

  • Create interactive and multi-user apps for desktops
  • Mobile-friendly layouts and dynamic content
  • Handles deployment and hosting for potential users
  • Can share the workload


  • Great for MVPs and prototypes
  • Build any application easily


  • Free plan available
  • Starter: $29 per month
  • Growth: $119 per month
  • Team: $349 per month
  • Enterprise plan for customized needs (You can contact the company for customized enterprise plan)

2. Softr

Softr - no code app development platform

Softr is yet another excellent no code application development platform that connects with the low code app platform Airtable Database. Developers can build a client portal, marketplace, workflow management system, and e-commerce application using this platform. It offers a diverse array of templates and pre-built blocks. You can use these templates and pre-built blocks to modify the elements according to the user’s preference.

The best thing about Softr is that it is absolutely customizable and easily manageable. The native SEO features assist in creating pages as per Google’s algorithm, which results in higher ranking in search results. This no code platform also offers dynamic features, including searching, filtering, and sorting options. However, Softr allows users to access exclusive features only when they opt for premium plans.

Key Features of Softr

  • User-friendly interface
  • Data sync with Airtable
  • Variety of integrations with other platforms
  • Customizable templates and built-in e-commerce functionality
  • Permission-based access


  • Seamlessly build integrated payments
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • User management system
  • Rapid prototyping and mobile responsiveness


  • Free version available
  • Basic: $49 per month
  • Professional: $139 per month
  • Business: $269 per month
  • Enterprise plan for customized access (Contact the company for the customized pricing).

3. Webflow

Webflow - no code app development platform

At number 3, we have Webflow. Webflow is a cloud-based visual website builder that lets users create Android apps without coding. Designing customized websites and hosting the app is easy with Webflow. It unleashes many opportunities for your business; users can create SaaS websites for e-commerce stores.

Plus, it offers two options: you can start building apps from scratch or with responsive templates. Both choices are convenient for the users, so they can choose accordingly. And it is compatible with Airtable, Jetboost, and others.

Key Features of Webflow

  • Create a visually pleasing webpage and design-centric approach
  • Various design and template options
  • Integration with a wide range of applications
  • Extensive library of pre-built templates
  • Global CDN hosting, image compression, and optimized hosting infrastructure


  • Speed, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Hosting is included, and e-commerce functionality
  • Generates clean code


  • Starter: It is a free version
  • Basic: $14 per month
  • CMS: $23 per month
  • Business: $39 per month
  • Enterprise plan available for business customization for which you will need to contact the company directly.

4. Zapier

Zapier - no code app development platform

Zapier is a very popular No code platform that allows for exceptional app development. Users can create mini web apps along with landing pages, forms, chatbots, and kanban boards, using this tool. Zapier makes stacking these diverse components on its interface easier.

The best thing about this tool is that it is very easy to use. Users can create the application in simple steps. The highlight of this application is that Zapier is an automation-first platform. It means it makes it easier for users to connect their application to the rest of the apps in the tech stack. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use platform, Zapier is your best bet!

Key Features of Zapier

  • Automated, powered solutions
  • Create personalized and automated applications
  • Connects to a vast array of applications
  • Compatibility and integration
  • Suite of components to build diverse web apps


  • Fastest to build and create
  • Cost-effective no code app platform
  • Easy to maintain


  • Free plan available
  • Starter: $19.99 per month
  • Professional: $49 per month
  • Team: $69 per month
  • Company plan is available for customizing the apps according to your business. Visit their site to contact them for the customized plan

5. Adalo

Adalo - no code app development platform

Next on our list is Adalo. Adalo is a wonderful platform that allows users to create Android apps without coding. The Drag-and-drop options and easy-to-use tools make Adalo an excellent No code platform. You can seamlessly create your own design of the application and make it unique from others. This is apt for entrepreneurs who need to launch the application without burning a hole in their pockets by hiring app developers.

This platform has a built-in spreadsheet-style database to store, update, and retrieve data. However, it doesn’t have backend logic capabilities; still, it integrates with other tools that have backend functionalities. Take a look at the features and price to learn more about them and make an informed decision.

Key Features of Adalo

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Build iOS and Android applications
  • Customizable no code development platform
  • Integration with existing APIs
  • Login authentication features
  • Built-in spreadsheet style database


  • Easy to use and full control of designs
  • Affordable and has backup system
  • Custom responsive web apps
  • Feature templates and custom actions
  • Fast and effective


  • Free plans are available
  • Pro Plan: $50.00 per month
  • Business Plan: $200.00 per month

6. Glide

Glide - no code app development platform

Looking for a flawless No code platforms? If yes, Glide must be your choice! Enhanced layout and wide range of features make it suitable to craft the mobile application of your choice. Glide is a single platform that provides various solutions for business needs.

This no code app development platform is suitable for creating marketplaces and directories. This means establishing or promoting your business becomes a breeze with this excellent, no code tool. On the whole, it is quite easy to use. Even beginners or starters can use this tool without having to spend too much time in learning.

Key Features of Glide

  • It offers a variety of templates and blocks for building diverse apps
  • A supportive and resource-rich community to assist in the app development journey
  • Integrates with Excel and a tiny learning curve
  • Allows for faster app development
  • Pleasant user interface and instant feedback
  • Drag-and-drop components


  • Intuitive interface and extended community support
  • Excel integration
  • It offers customizable templates and blocks


  • Free plan available
  • Maker plan: $60 per month
  • Team plan: $125 per month
  • Business Plan: $310 per month

7. Appy Pie

Appy Pie - no code app development platform

Here comes another No code platform for creating stunning applications. Not just that, this tool can be used to create an enormous range of products like websites, chatbots, and mobile apps without coding knowledge. Drag-and-drop functionality and configurable app templates let users create shopping carts, games, CRM apps, etc. In addition, sharing the customized application on other social platforms is easy. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and track application performance through the analytics feature. A simple and intuitive interface ensures seamless app building

Key Features of Appy Pie

  • Drag-and-drop editors
  • Workflow automation and analytics features to track application performance
  • Various configurable application templates
  • Seamless integrations with other platforms
  • Easily sharing, users can share the apps on various social platforms


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Knowledge Support Team
  • Variety of features
  • Ongoing support through tutorials, forums, and live chats
  • Cross platform compatibilities


  • Free plan is not available
  • Standard: $12.00 per month
  • Professional plan: $30.00 per month
  • Business Plan: $80.00 per month
  • Enterprise plan is available for customized business offers (Contact the seller for the customized pricing)

8. Thunkable

Thunkable - no code app development platform

Last but not least is Thunkable. You can build native mobile applications for Android and iOS using Thunkable. Similar to other No code platforms, it also has drag-and-drop options and pre-built components to reduce the user’s burden. It allows you to create fully functioning applications and customize them using the visual programming language.

The best thing about this tool is that it supports many third-party applications that allow you to use various features. In addition, it includes social media sharing, data analytics, and payment processing. Take a glance at the overall features and benefits before outsourcing the requirements.

Key Features of Thunkable

  • Visual drag-and-drop feature
  • Access to hardware functions
  • Lets users create complex app features without coding
  • Allows for cross-platform application development
  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for third-party integrations
  • Templates and tutorials


  • Build an application with zero coding knowledge
  • Create complex app features easily
  • Easy collaboration and an affordable price
  • Community and support network to assist while building the app


  • Free plan available
  • Starter Plan: $15 per month
  • Pro Plan: $45 per month
  • Business Plan: $200 per month
  • Team Plan: $500 per month

Winding It Up!

So, these are the 8 best no code app development platforms that you can use to create amazing apps. Hopefully, you have understood that building an application from scratch is not a daunting task with the assistance of No code platforms. Make sure to choose the best platform for your needs. The easiest way to make the best decision is to know the features of the top 8 no code app development platforms and accordingly pick the best one. It’s truly amazing to be able to create personalized web or mobile applications without any coding knowledge. So, harness the power of no code application platforms and embrace success in the digital world. Instead of hiring well-versed programmers, build a special application using these no code app development tools. Consider every factor to choose the right option from the list and enjoy creating customized applications. Happy coding without writing a single word of code!