Stages Of Creating An Internet Portal: Blueprint for Develop a Web Portal

Stages Of Creating An Internet Portal: Blueprint for Develop a Web Portal

One of the main areas involved in the development and promotion in the service of creating and running Internet portals, which are large web resources with a complex structure, a variety of content, and services.

The development of such a website is more expensive than the creation of other types of sites. However, by investing money in the creation of a similar resource, its owners receive in the future a good profit.

The reason for this payback – is a large number of features and capabilities that provide an Internet portal, for both visitors and the owner.

Portal is a large website that hosts a lot of useful information, services, and links to other sites.

The main objectives of the site are to accommodate a large flow of information, to provide users with access to all necessary data, to obtain a stable income from the sale of advertising and services.

Web portals, like many other Internet resources, come in several varieties:

  • Closed ecosystems on the Internet, to which only the organization’s employees have access. Such a site hosts information needed by the management and employees of the firm for work.
  • The task of such sites is to provide all kinds of information. They include major news resources and media.
  • Provides access to training materials, as well as the opportunity to take tests and examinations.

Why is it worth buying your own Internet portal? First, such a platform is necessary for anyone who plans to post a large amount of information or news.

Such a resource will quickly attract an interested audience. Regular updating of content and useful services will help to turn the majority of visitors into regular users who will come for information and communication.

The benefit, in this case, will be popularity in the network and a large target audience.

Another option for making a profit from such a large resource is the sale of advertising. These can be paid ads and banners or commercial articles and reviews.

The portal owner will have hundreds of pages to place advertising material. To place advertising material it is important for creating user-friendly internet portal. Thus following are the stages for creating an internet portal

Steps for Creating an Internet Portal

Designing An Internet Portal

This is one of the main stages of web-portal design, which includes the following steps:

Study of topics and target audience. It is important to determine what and who will offer the site.

  • The choice of goals and objectives. As with the development of any other Internet resource, it is important to highlight the goals that need to be achieved after the creation and launch of such a large site.
  • Designing the structure of the web portal. Developers and clients need to understand what elements the future project will contain. At this step, it is possible to estimate the budget and make an estimate of the work to be done.
  • Selection of services to be installed on the site. Determining the functionality of the resource, its capabilities, and services through which the work of the website will be realized.
  • Drawing up terms of reference, which will determine the main objectives of the business and the wishes of the client.
  • Development of document prototypes. Needed for final approval of work with the client and making changes if necessary.
  • Reconciliation of the project cost. Obtaining approval from the customer regarding the cost of developing the portal.

All these steps are important at the stage of creating and launching a major website. Therefore, the development of web portals goes with a strict sequence of all of the above actions.

Only in this way do we get high-quality resources that bring good profits to our customers.

Development And Programming Of The Web Portal

In the process of creating a Web portal, all functions chosen for its work are implemented with the help of code.

For the correct work of the code, some preliminary tests and checks for compliance of the future site with the needs and interests of the target audience are performed.

At this stage, a priority task is to build a viable demo version of the project, which will give users feedback and a hypothesis for the further formation of the resource.

Running a test version of the site helps to simplify the process of creating an Internet portal and save the customer’s costs for its launch, as it simplifies the development process.

Filling With Content, Testing, And Launching

For a large web portal content and variety plays a key role. Therefore, filling sites of this type is a separate and more time-consuming stage. It includes the following actions:

  • Placing the content of the site,
  • Starting a website on a hosting site,
  • Checking the serviceability of all services,
  • Fixing and refining the detected bugs.

The result of all these actions will be the effective and smooth operation of the portal services.

Seo And Analytics

An obligatory action at the stage of creating and launching an Internet portal is to optimize its content and all the technical aspects.

The goal of this work is to launch a resource that Google and Yandex like and get the first places in search results.

To achieve this goal, CASTCOM specialists develop a user experience map, and with the help of usability testing find all the difficulties visitors have with the site.

Then they change and improve the structure of the portal so that users can work with it comfortably and easily.

An important task is to set up reporting and collection of statistics of the resource. With the help of the received data, we identify target users’ actions and optimize the efficiency of further work of the portal.

Technical Support For The Web Portal

For creating an internet portal the task of developers is to provide a large information site continuously and safely. For this purpose, we monitor and regularly check the work of all applications and services.

If a problem appears in the functioning of the resource, technical support and administrator are informed about it at once.

In addition to tracking basic functionality, it’s important to monitor how users pass through business scenarios.

Target indicators such as authorizations, registrations, and payments should also be recorded.

Special systems collect statistics and in case of deviations from the norm, measures are taken to eliminate failures in the work of the web resource.

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