Tips to Prevent Overheating Issue of Smartphones This Summer

Tips to Prevent Overheating Issue of Smartphones This Summer

Indian smartphone owners are now very concerned about the possibility of their devices scorching as temperatures surge to previously unheard-of highs of up to 52.9°C in certain areas. High temperatures lower the lifespan and performance of our cherished gadgets in addition to our comfort and health. As summer heat rises, it is imperative that we take preventative steps to keep our cellphones from overheating. Here are some doable tips to keep your phone cool and running well in the sweltering summer months.

Keep Your Phone Out of Direct Sunlight

Your smartphone needs protection just as you would run for cover from the sun’s intense beams. Your phone may heat up quickly in direct sunlight, which might result in performance problems or even long-term damage. Stay away from windows where sunlight might directly strike your phone at home. To avoid overheating while outside, cover your phone with a covering or place it in a shady area.

In the same vein, never leave your smartphone in a vehicle, greenhouse, or conservatory. These spaces can bake your gadget as fast as an oven would bake a pie. Keeping your phone free of these hot locations will help it keep from heating up too rapidly and run smoothly.

Remove the Case

Remove the Case

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Phone cases trap heat even if they provide great protection against drops and scratches. To help your phone cool down more quickly in the heat, think about taking off the case. Insulators, by nature, cases hold heat inside and hinder your phone’s ability to dissipate it effectively. To prevent overheating and promote faster heat flow from your phone, remove the cover.

If you rely on a multifunctional case that holds your credit cards or includes an external battery pack, you might want to keep it on for convenience. But taking the cover off for a few minutes while you’re lounging around the house or at a park may really help to keep your phone cool.

Adjust Your Phone’s Settings

Changing the settings on your phone will lessen the chance of it overheating. To begin, set the screen brightness to the lowest setting that you find comfortable. More battery power used by a brighter screen might raise the phone’s temperature. To stop the screen from brightening on its own in bright situations, turn off adaptive brightness on your phone.

Next, while you’re not using them, switch off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data. Disabling these functions may help keep your phone cooler since they use battery power and produce heat. If you won’t be needing to contact anybody for some time, think about putting your phone on airplane mode. To avoid needless heating, also turn off any performance-enhancing settings on your phone, including gaming or overclocking.

Avoid Intensive Activities

Some things may make your phone much hotter. Among the top offenders are quick charging, editing films or images, and playing graphically demanding games. Avoiding these activities on very hot days can help keep your phone from overheating.

If feasible, play games and edit photos during cooler hours of the day or in an air-conditioned space. Charging your phone at a slower rate can also help reduce heat generation. Control your phone’s workload to keep it from becoming too hot and to ensure its smooth operation.

Keep Your Phone Out of Tight Pockets

Keep Your Phone Out of Tight Pockets

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A phone in a snug pocket may trap the heat your body produces against it. Rather, to give your phone some breathing room, carry it in a bag or a loosely fitting pocket. To help it remain cool, take your phone out of your pocket and set it down on a cool surface when you sit.

Avoid Drastic Cooling Methods

Quick cooling techniques, including putting your phone in the refrigerator or immersing it in water, might really be more damaging than helpful. Your phone’s internal components may be damaged, and the warranty may be voided if you utilize these techniques and condensation forms inside. Rather, use a fan to blast air over your phone or put it in a shaded spot to let it cool down gradually.

Invest in a Phone Cooler

Phone coolers, made mostly for gamers, employ heat sink technology to keep your smartphone cold. If your phone overheats often, these add-ons could be a wise purchase. They are reasonably priced and may keep your phone operating well in hot temperatures. Despite possible differences in quality, phone coolers are widely available online and are said to be useful in keeping electronics cool by many consumers. Using a phone cooler allows you to do high-performance jobs and game sessions without having to worry about overheating.

Use a Fan

Should you choose not to spend money on a phone cooler, a basic fan would suffice. Lay your phone in front of a fan to gently cool it down. This is a gentle way to cool down your phone. This strategy along with other cooling techniques may prevent overheating of your phone.

Avoid Leaving Your Phone in the Car

Avoid Leaving Your Phone in the Car

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Rapid heat up of cars may result in temperatures significantly greater than outside air. Even a little stint of time spent leaving your phone in a parked automobile might lead to overheating. Never leave your phone in a vehicle without air conditioning alone; treat it like a pet or a kid.

Close Power-Intensive Apps

Because so many current smartphones can multitask, many applications may be operating in the background at once. Some of these applications might be power-hungry, which would heat up your device and deplete your battery. Find and close these applications using the battery consumption function on your phone to lighten its load and keep it from overheating.

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The need to keep a smartphone from overheating increases when temperatures rise to record highs. These pointers can help you keep your phone cool and make sure it runs well all summer long. To preserve best performance, shield your phone from direct sunlight, take off the case when you can, change the settings, stay away from strenuous activities, and utilize mild cooling techniques. Using a fan or investing in a phone cooler helps keep your gadget cool. You won’t have to worry about your smartphone overheating this summer if you take these safety steps.

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