The New Automated Messaging Feature of Urban Airship is High on Demand

The New Automated Messaging Feature of Urban Airship is High on Demand

Urban Airship has recently introduced new feature which is specially designed by them for the app developers. This feature will enable the developers to deliver right message to the user to at just the right time. Urban Airship has been working hard on developing this feature since a long time and it never fails to support in-app messaging.

The messages which the developers send to the users are sent through Urban Airship’s servers. The new in app automation engine feature introduced by them enables them to conduct the process of detection and messaging within the app itself. This leads the experience to be native and the loading speed increases and also it looks attractive.

Urban Airship already had great capabilities of messaging but the new engine launched by them is much more specific with its target and is majorly focused on critical engagement and the opportunities for on-boarding, as these are the major issues which are being faced by majority of the apps.

Messages which can be sent to the users through Urban Airship can be messages pertaining to welcoming the new users, asking them to open an account, convincing them to sign up for the push notifications, requesting them to rate the app store and other messages like these. After understanding the behaviour of the users, the messages are been sent. Accurate analysis is also being done on the behaviour of the users even if its only about just opening the app or targeting those users who have added certain products in their shopping cart.

As per the director of the communications Gault, these messages are to be sent with lot of care as a delay of even a single second will make a big difference. The context of every action taken by them changes. There will be users who will take some action, considering which you can get an opportunity to encourage those users to opt for some other features also.

Urban Airship has also introduced tools which are helpful in managing the users opt outs which is in compliance to the Europe’s new GDPR privacy regulations.

The automated messaging feature of Urban Airship has proven to be very useful to many developers as it has become easier for them to target the users in just the right way and right time which has ultimately has increases the conversion rate of the developers and also the customer satisfaction they get all the required information easily.

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