Envkey looks forward to build a secure platform that can store company’s API Keys and Credentials

Envkey looks forward to build a secure platform that can store company's API Keys and Credentials

The engineer of the company plays a significant role in protecting the credentials of the company’s data and software. If the engineer leaves the company for any reason, the first step company needs to take up is changing all their credentials keys and also the application components keys. Changing all easier said than done. At times it gets very difficult to know where all the data has been. Who can get an access to the data. Everything needs to be changed at a massive level which states work needs to be done on large level. Difficulties tend to increase if the company is huge and operates on a big level.

Dane Schneider wishes to provide companies with a better solution to this problem. He is working behind developing a very new service termed as EnvKey. With the help of this service encrypted repository can be created in the company where all the API credentials of the company can be stored so it will be easy to update it all whenever the need arises. This will also be managed easily and company will be aware of who can access what. EnvKey is prepping up for the launch of Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 Class.

The founder of Y Combinator is Schneider. The problem of engineer leaving the company post which the arising need of changing the credentials is a serious problem and it gets more complex if the company grows and increases in the size as well. There are certain chances that while updating a code repository, all the credentials of your company might get published on Githhub by the Engineers. All this tends to create security issues for the application. This on the other end turns out to be an opportunity for the start-ups and the companies as they get to make the keys not only easily manageable or easy to update, but also ensures that the keys are locked up tightly with complete protection to avoid any problem in near future.

The company can enter all the configuration information for their applications in their own respective account featured with a user interface. The data can also be imported from any other system and also there is a feature where other members of the team can be invited via Mail or generating keys which is EnvKeys. A Level access key can be created by the users and it can then be set in the env file just like python project. This will ultimately give an access to all the latest credentials while the project is in operation. The app has got the capability of collecting, decrypting and synchronizing all the new configurations.

All the API keys will be stored in EnvKeys. This will free the company from all the worries of accessing the information and updating it when need arises, as all the information will be uploaded and company will be assured with its complete security and protection. Updating the information will also become quick and easy for them. Schneider is also working to build EnvKey which can be used easily on any of the platforms and not just limiting it to one.

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