Google Workspace will allow access to apps using OAuth only

Google Workspace will allow access to apps using OAuth only

Get ready for a security upgrade! Google Workspace is making changes to how you access your favorite work apps. Soon, you’ll be using a system called OAuth to log in, ditching the need to enter your password directly into each app. This might sound like a small step, but it’s a giant leap for workplace security. Keep reading to find out what OAuth is and how it benefits you!

What is Google OAuth?

Think of Google OAuth like a universal login for your favorite school clubs. Instead of needing a separate combination for each club’s lockbox, you can use your student ID to access them all. That’s the core idea behind Google OAuth in the workplace.

It’s a secure system that lets you sign in to various work apps with a special Google authorization rather than needing to remember individual passwords for each app. This streamlined approach makes things more convenient for you and helps keep your information safe.

Reason Behind Connecting only Google OAuth

Google Workspace is switching to Google OAuth for app access, but why the change? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fort Knox for Logins: Imagine your password is a secret recipe for the best cookies in school. You wouldn’t want to share it with everyone who wants a taste, right? OAuth acts like a trusted friend. You give them the recipe (your permission), and they handle giving the apps the ingredients (access) they need, without revealing your secret recipe (password).
  • Streamlined Access: Juggling multiple combinations for lockers can be a pain. OAuth is like having a master key for your school clubs. You can access different resources with a single Google authorization, ditching the need to remember a password for each app. It’s more convenient and keeps things organized.

How to Connect Google OAuth with Google Workspace?

Once Google Workspace switches to OAuth, here’s a general idea of what you might see on screen:

1. Familiar Google Sign-In

You’ll likely see a login option that uses your Google account. This might be a button that says “Sign in with Google” or something similar.

2. Permission Screen

Once you choose the Google sign-in option, you’ll see a screen that explains what the app wants to access. This typically involves your Google Workspace data, like your school email or documents.

3. Review and Choose

The screen will usually have clear options for you to choose what level of access you want to grant the app. You can choose to allow access or decline.

4. Streamlined Access

Once you approve the access request, you should be logged in to the app and ready to go!
Remember, the specific wording and layout might differ depending on the app, but Google will guide you through the process.

This switch to OAuth is all about making things more secure and convenient for you. Let the tech wizards handle the connection, and focus on using your favorite apps for schoolwork!


The switch to Google OAuth might seem like a small change, but it’s a big win for security and convenience. No more scrambling to remember passwords for all your favorite work apps. With OAuth, you can sign in with a single tap, using the power of your Google account. This streamlined approach keeps your information safe and lets you focus on what matters – crushing your workday!