Guidelines for iOS App Development Process

Guidelines for iOS App Development Process

Mobile applications have been enriching the lives of humans for more than a decade now. In 1997 with the launch of the Nokia 6110 people were amazed to play the snake game which is a kind of the first app. When the introduction of Android and iOS phones the hundreds of applications were developed and soon we became more reliant on applications.

In the present time, it has become vital for every business sector or industry to build an application. This increasing demand for mobile applications has generated big scope for mobile developers both Android and iOS.

While Android and iOS are moth essentials, the iOS app development process is more complicated compared to Android. One of the reasons for that is Apple’s app store don’t accept a new application that easily.

That’s why we have come with this blog, where we take you through the guidelines for the iOS development process.

iOS App Development Process

Step1: Design your Ideas and make it

Design your Ideas and make it

Ideation is the first and most crucial step that can make your app successful. You need to do more than just have an app idea like mention specifically what function and features you would like to include.

Whether you are sure about the design and features, doing proper market research is always beneficial. Find a similar app see what features technicalities you like and whatnot. If you do this step right you are not only able to build a good app but also able to monetize it better.

Step2: Be thorough with Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Before you start developing your app, it’s crucial to look into Apple’s store guidelines. Apple provides detailed guidelines on the safety measures for iOS developers to consider. If they are unable to achieve that measures in their app, it will not be accepted on the Apple store. This means you will have to spend more time on modification, and this will only take effort and time.

The team or individual developers who understand who build iOS apps considering Apple’s guidelines will create focusing on important things like architecture, powers and performance, it may take more development time but you will save alot of time on edits.

Step3: Prioritize the App Design

For a lot of end-users, the design of the app is the deciding download factor. A good user interface will always appeal to most of the users.

In fact, Apple is a company is known for its unique and compelling product design. The iOS website has

A good app design focuses on a giving good user experience. This includes making them more readable, optimal screen graphics, icons, animation etc.

You can find apple iOS design Do’s and Don’ts on their official website, this will make your work so much easier.

Step4: Software Architecture Planning

Software Architecture Planning

Software architecture majorly takes place simultaneously with the designing part and before the development phase. This phase requires the role of both front-end and back-end developers – to ensure the functionality, resilience and scalability of the application they are going to develop.

iOS function on MVC- model view controller architecture consisting of three main components ie interfaces, data and software.

Along with the architecture, you also need to finalize the development process and methods you’re going to use. Make sure you follow DevOps best practices, which is not just a combination of agile methodologies and automation, but an entire culture dedicated to improve operational processes.

Step5: Front-End & Back-End Development

 Front-End & Back-End Development

Mobile application is built with the joint effort of front-end and Back-end development. Front-end codes are the design part which is what the user sees and the back-end development is the server part that defines app functionality.

Here is the bifurcation of Front-end and Back-end Development

  • Front-end Development

Development of wireframes, UI design, caching and synchronizing database, testing and improvisation.

Front-end development focuses on good orientation, landscape and portrait. The screen size should be optimal and offer a smooth user experience.

  • Back-end development

The back-end development works on the functioning of the application this includes setting, structure, account management and authentication, server-side function, customization, notification, third-party integration, different app mode. Developers also have to optimize the backend for performance boost and fixing errors.

Step6: App Testing

App Testing

App development is not complete if it is not tested. After developers build the app testers need to make sure the app is bug-free and performance is smooth. Only after the team thoroughly texts and analyzes the app can be ready for submission.

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Step7: Post Maintenance of the App

You now have published your app but wait there you still have to work on your app. Developers need to regularly update their apps in order to improve the performance add the latest features and fix bugs.

If the iOS app is not maintained regularly by the developers it can result in big errors and sometimes the app can crash. Small maintenance can minimize the risk of poor app performance.

Step8: Promote and Market the App

Promote and Market the App

To generate more visibility for your app and make it reach the right audience you need to market your app. There are several easy to market it like online ads, campaigns, keywords and SEO optimization.

With the new iOS app store update your work gets easier as you can now more interfaces and tools to promote your app. App data like stories, in-app purchases, collections etc is to search thanks to the Apple store’s improved search for marketing as well as the promotional activities.


Every iOS application you find on the Apple store whether grand or small follow the same steps mentioned here. These steps ensure quality development and security. Note that all apps are different and sometimes it may demand different requirements which obvious developers should be considered, but most of the time if you are not sure how to get started this is a simple yet most effective process of iOS app development.

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