Mobile Gaming despite of having High Demand in the market is being controlled by Apple

Mobile Gaming despite of having High Demand in the market is being controlled by Apple

Apple has always managed to be talk of the show of many events. Out of which some were those events in which Apple did not participate at all and still they managed to dominate the news cycle. During the Game Developers Conference going on in 2018 there was a lot of news coming out to which there were various aspects of the show. During this conference, the news which turned out to be the biggest of all despite of not being a part of the event turned out to be big news. It was all about the launch of Fortnight and Player Unknown’s Battle grounds on the mobile devices. Both launched on iOS and even Android. This gaming supports iOS first and then it also supports other platforms including the PC players.

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This has never taken place before. GDC was always focused on mobile gaming, it is just that recently the conference has been dominated by the indie titles which are even mobile centric. People are so much into their mobile phones, that now phones have become a very good platform to launch various fascinating experiences. Mobile Gaming as a whole has always been facing a lot of difficulties since the very beginning of its inception. People considered it to be a waste of time and not a true art. Mobile Gaming was also considered as a side care bet to the main functions of the devices.

But now the perspective of people is changing. People have started considering games as considerable part of their lives. People are still not aware with many things about the games which are quite impressive. Developers are trying hard to make people feel range of emotions through video games and this will be happening for the very first time. Majority of the highest profile titles are launching on iOS first as it is considered to be a function of addressable audience. As per one of the spokesperson from Apple named VP Grey Joswiak, Gaming has always managed to maintain top position on the App Store. Recently App Store launched a separate section for gaming and also introduced a Today tab featuring lot of stories relates to the games and about their developers too. As per Apple, this redesign of the App Store has been very effective and has also led to increase in the Traffic on the App Store which ultimately increases the sales too.

The developers now have started showing people behind the games which has increased their values. Previously it was only the icon which was seen by the viewers, but the viewers can actually see what’s there behind the game. Apple is hosting two sessions at GDC though they are not a part of it. The two shows will be based on the introduction of Metal 2, its rendering pipeline and ARKit. The reason behind Apple’s involvement is that it has got the capability of engaging the community into the sector of Gaming.

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