How To Keep Your Business Going While on Holidays


Regardless of the season of the year, holidays create tough times for businesses and make most of the customers more generous and adventurous in the ways they spend money. For businesses and their owners, a holiday season is an opportunity to increase their profit.

Yet, the problem with the holiday season is that it gets exhausting for businesses. The number of customers rises with the competition on top of that. But, with the right strategic approach to planning, you can keep your business striving and make more income keeping your customers happy. So, here are some things to consider before your company enters the season.

Plan ahead

Naturally, every business is supposed to have a long-term plan every year. The best shape for such a plan is a calendar. It lays out all the important dates for the market, including holiday seasons. On top of the holiday planning goes the strategic steps the company will take based on the dates they have. The vision of the whole year or a month helps plan the actions for the holiday seasons. Include the ‘hottest’ dates in terms of sales and mark the preparation period in advance so that your business is fully ready when the days come. With the holiday season planned in advance, the preparation will not feel exhausting.

Another important step to take is to decide when the employees have their days off. Naturally, some businesses run non-stop. For example, companies with paper writers for hire provide their service at any time it’s needed, while a family flower shop will close for the weekend, and all the customers will understand that. Whatever the situation, make sure the employees’ days off in the calendar for more precise holiday planning. 

Greet your regulars first

Every successful business thrives on customers who really love their products and are willing to buy them again. With a list of loyal customers, you can rely on them in the first place. Hence, it makes sense to approach them with greetings, encouraging them to buy more.

It can be a special offer or just a friendly email reminding them that your business is a great way to find a gift for their kin or indulge in some personal care. Emotional connection with regulars is also important, for the customers that genuinely like your company will bring even more new potentially loyal clients. Make them feel special. 

Stay present on social media

As we mentioned the emotional connection with the customers, one of the best ways to achieve it is to maintain a consistent presence on social media. Make your account meaningful. Tell the story of how your business relates to the holidays and why it is important to the whole company.


The holiday season means something special to every individual, so sharing an authentic and genuine perspective on the meaning of holidays is important. Clearly, make sure the story aligns with the company’s brand voice and communicates the value of the product you sell during the holiday season.

Customize your emails

The meaning of every holiday is personal, so the best way to communicate the greetings is individual. Take the database of your clients and make sure each of them receives an email with a personal address and warm greetings on the holiday people are about to celebrate. 

The customer’s inbox will be extremely cluttered during and before the holiday season, so the mail you plan to send must hook the attention of the reader from the very first world. If you have an offer in the email, it must be the first thing your client notices, yet, it is still supposed to communicate the joy of the holidays all people are looking forward to.

Make a special offer

As the holiday season is a space for generosity and joy, make your products more accessible and appealing for better sales. Offer your clients a bargain that they will not be able to say no to. It can be a decent discount, a progressive discount, or a tie of products that are cheaper together.

However, it is important to avoid the devaluation of your products as well. If the business compromises too much of the price or goes too crazy with the sale, the value of the goods will decrease in the eyes of the customer. For that reason, keep the balance between the holiday generosity and the rational appeal in your offers. 

Dress up for the occasion

Whether it is an offline store you run or an online service the company provides, the celebration must communicate visually in the company. If it is an offline location, take time to decorate it for the occasion along with the team, it will give a good mood and excitement for the holidays and create the right atmosphere for the clients. In the case of an online business, this is going to be the graphic designer’s job to make the site look festive as well. However, in any configuration, this activity must be included in the overall work planning in advance.

to make the site look festive as well. However, in any configuration, this activity must be included in the overall work planning in advance.

Make your product a gift

As sales and free additional products may devalue the meaning of the purchase, one of the moves a business can make is selling gift cards. In this case, you will not have to decrease the price of the product, as it will be a gift for your customer’s friends. Additionally, such a tactic has the potential of attracting new regulars, as they will have an opportunity to try your products for free and will possibly come back again. 

To sum up

The holiday season may be a challenge for a business. The market is overflooded with offers and promotions, and the employees are exhausted. However, with timely planning and a genuine approach to communications, it is a chance to make more customers happy, celebrate the occasion with your audience, and gain even more loyalty. The most important thing is a systemic approach and the right approach to communications; it will be a good experience for both the clients and the business. 

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