Importance of Big Data for your Small or Enterprise Business

Importance of Big Data for your Small or Enterprise Business

Large companies have already witnessed the condition of the rising data and analytics. Researches and surveys conducted stated that data collection and analysis have the capability to bring the revolution in the business world. But the major challenge many businesses are facing is the Digital Transformation. Many small businesses are still on the initial stages of the Digital transformation and not getting any extra benefits.

There are certain strategies which the small businesses need to follow which will also give help them understand their big data well. The strategies business needs to follow to overcome their fear of big data are as follows:

1. Define your Goals

Analyse and identify goals you wish to fulfil while you are working on the analytics projects. Data can help you identifying your goals. Your goals should be defined clearly stating the actions you expect your site visitors to take. This simply means that visitors visiting your Website should be converted. You need to precisely define your tracking list including downloads, inquiries, leads, purchases, registrations, new accounts. This takes you to focus more on measuring these aspects rather than on the hits.

2. Create indulging Content

The best way to keep people indulged and engaged in your brand is the content you offer to them. Use your data to create quality content. Content can drive the traffic to your site in the best possible way and has got much potential to influence the decision making. While posting any of your blogs do not fail to use Google AdWords Keyword planner as it will help you identify the words people look for which will increase the chances of your blog being on the top.

3. Solve your problems using the Data

In order to well understand the current behaviour of the user and also to know well where your content needs to be improvised you need to search for the pages which have got high exit rates on your site. Once you get the exact idea of why people are leaving you will know the reason of what takes them away based on which you can then identify how to keep them stay.

4. Collaborate with the help of your data

Amazon Cloud Services are now on the roll and are providing services for Cloud Storage and data storage for small businesses. Cloud services allow you to access your files on any of the computer and this can be done even if you are offline. Multiple team members can work together over something without using email now and then. The only need is of internet and small subscription fee to avail the benefit of these services.

5. Find more about the competitors in the market

The tools like Google Trends are useful in knowing about popular brand and also the feedback people give on it. These tools can be used to analyse your competitors in the market, their strategies, campaigns etc.

6. Utilize your Assets

Many of us think that we need some expensive software to initiate the gathering of data, but the case is not actually so. The assets of your business can easily help you in doing so. Google Analytics is the best option. It is free Web traffic monitoring tool and with the usage of multitude of metrics and varied sources of traffic it helps you gain valuable information about the ones who visits your site. On complete understanding of demographics and customer segments you can use this information to engage your audience in the most effective way.

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