How Multi-Channel Marketing Can Improve Your Real Estate Agency

How Multi-Channel Marketing Can Improve Your Real Estate Agency

In the real estate industry, as with other markets, it’s tough to get listings. As an agent or marketer in real estate, you will require a lot of investment and also need to reach out to several prospective customers using multiple-platforms, to be able to get an increase in your return on investment (ROI).

Being in the industry over the years, I have learned that rather than relying on “quick lead” schemes, a long-range approach such as multi-channel marketing is more likely to guarantee long-term success. Once you can get it right, you can build exceptional customer service and an unstoppable lead-generating agency.

Your multi-channel marketing campaign can take the form of both traditional and digital channels such as newspaper ads, billboards, and TV commercials, websites, social media, direct mail, email, etc. Of course, multi-channel marketing needs to be done using valuable content that mirrors your brand story and caters to your target audience’s needs. The content of every multi-channel campaign and straggles needs to be powerful enough to increase brand interactions, sales, and generate referrals. Besides these benefits, we will also take a look at other ways in which multi-channel marketing can improve business for your real estate agency.

► Expand Your Reach and Boost Customer Engagement

As a real estate marketer with multiple properties to sell or lease, attracting a lot of potential buyers or tenants becomes your primary goal. However, reaching and out to your clients and engaging them via a single platform will most likely hinder your agency’s growth. Take, for example, if your real estate business communicates with its audience via only a website, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers who prefer emails, social media, or other communication channels. Based on a NAR study, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are realtors’ top social media marketing tools at 97%, 59%, and 39%, respectively. Taking into consideration numbers like these can guide you on how best to reach your audience across marketing platforms.

Furthermore, with multi-channel marketing touchpoints, your agency has a much higher chance of communicating with more potential clients and selling or leasing more housing units or office spaces. With a multi-dimensional marketing approach, you get to cast your widest net for more opportunities to increase your market potential. Also, you can give your customers the ease and multiple choices on how to make a purchase, wherever and whenever they want it.

Additionally, statistics show that 72% of consumers would rather connect with businesses and brands that have multiple channels. In the same manner, several multi-channel business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing campaigns will get a 24% increase in ROI when compared to single-channel marketing campaigns.

► Increase in Revenue and Referrals

For every business, including real estate, we are all in it not only to provide products and services but also to make sales and profits. I mean, this is a measure of every company’s success. Thus when it comes to strategies for increasing business revenue, multi-channel marketing, when well optimized, can help put your business in front of others, especially your competitors. The natural progression is that as you engage with more customers through multiple channels, your business’s exposure and credibility also increases.

Therefore because of this, your customer purchase is more likely to increase, and so also will your referrals. Ultimately this leads to an increase in revenue and brand equity, to name a few. Once you have a proper multi-channel marketing campaign execution plan, it will take only a matter of time before your agency is known as the go-to real estate agency and gets catapulted into fame and fortune. It is a no-brainer that a customer who finds your services easy to use and access whenever they need it will also likely spread the word about the quality of your service to others.

► Improve and Create Better Content Based on Your Customers’ Preference Across Board

Real estate clients will have different tastes in the kind of property they want to spend their money on and likewise how they receive your advert messages. So how do you know customer preference? I mean, it is not like you are a mind reader of some sort. Thus what you will need to do is to set up Google Analytics. This tool enables you to track different metrics as they relate to your content and website visitors over time. It is a terrific way to understand how your audience interacts with your content, what works, and what isn’t working.

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