The ABCs of AI Marketing: What, Why, and How?

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The term “marketing” might conjure images of the latest social media trends, witty hashtags, and flashy ads. In other words, it brings to mind a lot of things that scare most business owners. But don’t fret! The transition to an algorithm-driven world has made marketing easier than ever for marketers.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), you no longer need to be a computer science whiz to succeed with marketing. With the right strategies and tactics, you can start selling your products and services immediately. You don’t have to wait for a crystal clear vision of how to do so in the future.

In some quarters, AI has been held in a controversial light. However, none can deny its potential for a fantastic future. This potential is evidenced by statistics as more countries are set to adopt AI culture. Read on for more details on how AI marketing works and why you need to get started now instead of later.

What is AI?

Marketing has become more digital and companies implement growth hacking tactics to reach new customers. In a bid to drive sales, marketing departments are looking for fresh ways to stand out from their competition. AI is the answer, and it’s already changing how brands market their products, services, and content.

AI is the ability to accomplish tasks with artificial intelligence. So why is AI so important for marketers? AI can create digital experiences that are far more engaging and personal than any human could.

AI also can identify and recommend products that are likely to be more relevant to your customers. It helps your brand to better understand the shopping preferences of customers.

Why is AI so Important for Marketing?

AI can be a game-changer for marketing. It can help with the planning and execution of marketing campaigns. As a marketer, you might find that the more data you have, the better you can be at your job. But as data science becomes more common and cheaper, more marketers are using AI in their processes.

AI in marketing

AI can help marketers identify the best marketing strategies. The use of proxies is a case study. It is a marketing tactic that allows marketers to gain competitive insights with less effort. There is a free proxy list for internet marketers that need fast proxies for data collection and web scraping. AI can also help with brand strategy.

Now, it’s not like you can just ask an AI what the brand strategy of your business should be. Instead, you have to feed the AI the data about the target audience, their interests, and the products you sell. Then, AI can create a strategy for your brand that is most likely to attract customers who fit the target audience.

How to Use AI in Marketing?

Using AI in your marketing strategy doesn’t mean that you’re employing technology to automate your campaigns. You’ll still need human resources to analyze the data and create strategies.

However, you’ll be able to automate some of the tasks that humans usually complete manually. For example, you can use Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing to create marketing campaigns that are optimized for specific audiences.

You can also use data to create better customer service experiences. You can use AI to predict customer behavior, improve your communication with customers, and increase customer loyalty.

6 Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

AI has the power to change everything from marketing to sales. It won’t be long before you start seeing AI-powered marketing everywhere: social media ads, display ads, video ads, and even email marketing.

If you don’t believe in the power of AI, let’s enlighten you on how AI is revolutionizing the marketing world. Listed below are some benefits to consider;

1. Automation

AI can help you to increase your campaign reach and engagement. You can avoid human error and increase the productivity of your team.

2. Better Insight

AI can provide you with better insight and understanding of your customers. It can help you to understand their needs and create customized experiences.

3. More Engaging Content

AI can create engaging content that keeps your audience engaged longer. It can help you create more relevant and personal content for the audience.

4. More Personalized Sales

AI can help with sales. It can create sales strategies that are more personalized.

5. More Effective Retargeting

AI can help you to retarget audiences with more effectiveness. It can help you to create retargeting campaigns that are more relevant.

How Brands Use AI in Marketing

For AI to be beneficial for marketers, it needs to have access to a lot of data. This prerequisite can be a problem for brands that don’t have a lot of data available. For example, a brand can’t create an AI campaign unless they have data on a specific audience.

artificial intelligence

But what if brands don’t have the data they need to power an AI campaign? That’s where data partnerships come in. A data partnership allows a brand to share data with an AI company while keeping its data protected.

It allows these companies to create a campaign that is powered by a large amount of data that the brand has access to.

3 Strategies You Can Get Started with AI in Marketing Today

Let’s round up by looking at three strategies that brands are using AI for. Each process is successful because AI is helpful for several reasons.

Data-Driven Marketing

This strategy uses AI to help with the creation and analysis of data. AI is useful for helping marketers to look at their data in new ways and find new insights into the data.

Customer Service AI

It will help improve the customer service experience that brands provide. As consumers become more reliant on technology, they will expect AI-powered experiences from brands.

Point-of-Sale AI

AI can be helpful for retailers who want to improve the in-store experience. Point-of-sale is crucial for retailers when shoppers decide whether to buy a product or not.


Marketers are starting to understand the power of AI. It can analyze data to create customized content and make decisions. With AI, marketers can create engaging experiences for their customers.

These strategies are helpful for brands because of the data the AI company has access to. If your company doesn’t have a lot of data, it’s helpful to partner with companies that can power your campaigns with data.

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