Tips For Writing Content That Aligns with Your Buyer’s Journey

Tips For Writing Content That Aligns with Your Buyer's Journey

Content writing is one of the most effective tools used in the digital marketing process. 81% of the marketing executives considered content search and utilization the highest productivity improvement area. 

Quality content writing can change your sales statistics drastically. 

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A buyer’s journey has changed a lot from traditional to modern times. In modern times marketing has to do the most part for turning leads into buyers. All the brands have turned to online mediums for sales. This turn has reduced the work of the sales department to the purchase stage.

To improve your content marketing game, you may write different types of content for different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

This is what a traditional Buyer’s Journey looked like:

And this is what a modern buyer’s journey looks like now:

If we compare the expedition of a buyer in modern times with the traditional buyer, one thing that comes to the spotlight is the increased work of Marketing. Marketing in the contemporary era has to consider the ‘spreading awareness,’ ‘exploring solutions,’ and ‘decision-making’ stage.

Here are a few tips that can help you in writing content that may help your lead to reach the decision-making and ultimately purchasing stage,

  • Create Buyers Personas
  • Connect Marketing and Sales
  • Provide Solutions
  • Curate Content
  • Add Visual Aid
  1. Infographics
  2. Images
  • Personalize the Experience 
  • Track Your Progress

Create Buyers Personas

Create Buyers Personas

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Many marketing departments create fictional buyers’ personas that help them to identify their target audience. These personas are fictitious, but they represent your buyers and track their preferences, pain points, and requirements.

You can make multiple personas to keep track of different types of buyers. Once you narrow down the requirements and pressure points of your leads, you will be able to create content that suits them the best. 

Keep in mind that although buyer’s personas represent a specific type of buyer, each buyer is unique. Hence communicating with your buyers and keeping track of the personas is cardinal. 

Connect Marketing and Sales

42% of sales representatives discern that they do not have sufficient information before making a sales call. Many marketing schemes fail because the sales department is not fully connected to the marketing department most of the time.

You may be able to increase your sales by conveying the necessary information to the sales department so that they can boost the sales. 

This connection between marketing and sales also benefits marketing, as the sales department can provide data to the marketing department about what works and what does not. 

This active engagement of marketing and sales departments can increase the sales deals by 67%. 

Provide Solutions

According to Prof. Gerald Zaltman, a professor at Harvard University, 95% of the purchasing decisions are subconscious. Marketing the product to the subconscious is the key to increasing your sales. 

When your buyer is at the exploring solutions stage, they understand the problems they are facing. It is only a matter of who provides them with the correct solution. 

The buyer is at the most emotional stage when looking for solutions. The marketing content must provide the necessary solutions with a unique edge to put your product at the top of their list.

80% of the customers confess that the experience that a company provides; is as important as the product itself. The experience that you provide is your chance to emotionally involve your customer in your brand so that you can unconsciously influence their purchase.

Customer Experience

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Curate Content

If you put informative and entertaining content that helps your customer on your account, it will help attract your target audience to your brand. Curation of content helps in the awareness stage as you must attract the attention of your leads to your brand.

Content curation is an easy way to connect with your buyer as you do not have to create any content. All you have to do is curate content in a way that captivates your customers.

Add Visual Aid


Presenting your product as alluring will help you tempt the buyer at any stage in your buyer’s journey. Infographics on a website help the buyer understand a complex point clearly.  


Adding images that support your content makes the content readable and attractive for your customer. The target audience of content writing appreciates a cohesive and coordinated webpage. Try to add vector images to give your website or web account a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Personalize The Experience

Once your buyer is at the decision-making stage, they will have all the information they need, or you have provided them through content. At this stage, the buyer weighs their pros and cons and compares various vendors to make an educated decision. 

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A modern customer expects to have some personalized element in your content. Personalization is not an additive anymore. It has become a necessity for running a successful brand. Make sure you add a personal or thoughtful element to your brand that matches the values of your buyer.

Track Your Progress

Once you have published the content, to make sure it fits your buyer’s journey, track what kind of product turned the lead into a buyer. Each step of the journey calls for a different type of content. Figure out which variety of content was successful and which was not as effective. 

Make a chart of the customers’ requirements and which elements your content contains, along with what needs to be updated.

You are tracking your progress actively and engaging with your audience through content. It will allow you to update your profile and improve the content that you are writing.

In conclusion, the brand’s success in the current age depends way too much on the marketing strategies it follows. To quote Momenuel Ahmed, “Well written article as like as dad’s wristwatch, that’s hookup you wear it again and again.”

Similarly, well-thought-out content is a magnet that attracts your customers to your brand time and again. Good content contains personalized elements accompanied by visual aids that entice the buyer’s subconscious mind and turn them into loyal customers.

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