6 Ways To Do Smart & Responsible eCommerce Marketing in 2023

6 Ways To Do Smart & Responsible eCommerce Marketing in 2022

Smart and responsible e-commerce marketing is not an easy task. After all, it’s crucial to consider so many factors that it quickly becomes a thing almost impossible to pull off. Luckily, there are some techniques that you can use to enhance your e-commerce marketing strategy, so here are the six ways to do smart and responsible e-commerce marketing.

Why Is Smart and Responsible eCommerce Marketing Important?

Before you start using any particular techniques to improve your e-commerce marketing, it is first worth understanding why making it smart and responsible is so important. Brands often struggle to connect with customers and one of the reasons for this is that companies treat customers as numbers instead of treating them as people.

Consequently, many digital marketing campaigns become insensitive and ignore important issues that have to be addressed. Or, on the contrary, brands end up capitalizing on these issues which also makes the marketing insensitive. Smart and responsible e-commerce marketing allows business owners to find the golden middle and structure their marketing campaigns properly in the times of economic crisis, global pandemics, national tragedies, etc.

#1 Prioritize User Experience

First and foremost, you need to prioritize user experience. Right now, when the pandemic isn’t over yet, many people are still spending a lot of their time at home which means they will be interacting with your company primarily online. Moreover, considering that your business is already an e-commerce one, all of your interactions are already done digitally, but you can expect to get even more traffic than before.

This is exactly why prioritizing user experience is so important. If your UX is bad, many site visitors you get will likely be leaving your website soon after once they discover that your website is not very comfortable to use. You need to make the navigation easy, create a mobile version of your website, make the site design attractive, and build a good link profile to improve overall user experience.

#2 Focus on Digital Advertising

Another thing to work is advertising. The best way you can go about it is by focusing specifically on digital advertising more than on anything else. Of course, as a part your e-commerce marketing strategy, you could still be using offline advertising techniques, but your focus should always be on digital advertising specifically.

As Clarissa Hall from the custom writing reviews site Writing Judge puts it, “Digital advertising is the best kind of advertising for e-commerce businesses because it helps such companies reach their customers in an environment where they will later be shopping – and that is the Internet. It’s one thing to have a business that has both physical shops and an online store, but an e-commerce business requires a different approach.”

#3 Be Aware of Social Change

The next thing you need to remember is that must be aware of social change. Society is constantly going through various crises, including economic, political, and social ones. If you want your e-commerce marketing to be smart and responsible, you need to acknowledge such conflicts, tragedies, crises, etc. and incorporate this into your marketing campaigns.

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For example, the current global pandemic can’t just go unnoticed. You need to show your customers that you realize the hardships they are going through and the new problems they are now encountering.

And once you acknowledge such issues, you will be in the right position to address them. From then on, you will only need to think about the right way to address them without coming off as insensitive, judgmental, and so on.

#4 Target Customers on Social Media

As mentioned earlier, digital advertising should be your priority, but when it comes to more specific aspects of digital advertising, social media marketing is perhaps your best friend. Targeting customers on social media platforms can help you bring more attention to your business and find a way to connect with even more potential customers.

6 Ways To Do Smart & Responsible eCommerce Marketing in 2022

The best thing about social media marketing is that you can get significant insight into your target audience which will help you optimize your campaigns much better and target and retarget relevant users with ads, sponsored posts, and other types of content. You can also enter important discussions in the comment sections which will further improve your overall e-commerce marketing strategy.

#5 Avoid Using Sensitive Content

Brands that don’t acknowledge or even actively ignore societal issues often end up having insensitive marketing campaigns that don’t appeal to audiences. On the contrary, they anger potential customers.

But sometimes, acknowledging social change is not enough, especially when you are doing it incorrectly. This is why it’s crucial that you avoid using sensitive content in any way possible.

As Brian Chandler from the writing service reviews site Best Writers Online says, “Using sensitive content can lead you to causing scandals that your company would be better off avoiding. Moreover, it’s worth assessing your content before publishing it to ensure that you don’t use any sensitive materials unintentionally. If you aren’t sure about such things, it’s best that you hire a professional to assist you in the process.”

#6 Don’t Profit from A Crisis or Tragedy

Last but not least, remember that you shouldn’t profit from a crisis or tragedy – and this should be reflected in your e-commerce marketing. If your target audience sees that you are actively trying to capitalize on the issue at hand, they will quickly turn away from you (or cause a scandal you’d better avoid getting into).

Your goal is to acknowledge the crisis and empathize with your audience, showing that your products or services will help them solve their problems. However, you should make your marketing appear as non-salesy as possible. Find the golden middle between trying to sell and trying to help.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are many tactics you can use to improve your e-commerce marketing campaigns, but these six are the most essential ones, so using them will already lead to great results and will help you make your e-commerce marketing smarter and more responsible.

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