6 Top Proven Ways To Improve Your Mobile App Design

6 Effective Tips To Improve Mobile App Design

A mobile application is not only design, but also convenience, simplicity, and benefit. If a person gets a good user experience while working with your application, the product can be considered successful and promising. Without a positive user experience, the app simply has no future. In order to definitely give a good future to your application, contact the mobile app design services.

This article will show you what you can do to improve your digital product design to keep everyone happy.

1. Use native components in your application

We have already written about the advantages of native apps: they have better performance, they are safer and more stable, and the UX design is unified. In general, all native applications have the same interface, so users are better guided in such applications, even if they are seeing it for the first time.

Previous user experience makes native apps more intuitive than hybrid products. Another plus of being native is the ability to add animation, transitions between screens, which makes the application visually pleasing.

2. Application design should be simple

The simpler the better – this should be the main principle when developing UX design. The application serves to achieve certain goals and fulfill them should be as convenient as possible. If users encounter obstacles and have to spend more time on solving the problem than planned, they can simply delete the application. A mobile application should be simple and efficient. Focus on the product features your customers really need.

3. Follow Apple / Google guidelines and keep the design logic

There are a number of recommendations for developers from iOS and Android. They help to create user-friendly applications, preserve the design logic, so that users can intuitively master the product.

The design logic makes it easy to navigate the new application and provides a good user experience. If you use non-standard constructions devoid of the usual logic in a mobile application, it will be more difficult for users to understand the product and this can cause frustration. By following the recommendations of the OS developers and keeping the familiar logic of the product, you increase user loyalty, inspire trust and get a plus in karma.

4. Improve navigation and search functionality

People install apps to achieve certain goals: keep a food diary, track athletic performance, make appointments with various specialists, or make purchases. If your app has poor navigation, it is difficult to find the links or sections you want, then there is a chance that users will opt for your competitors.

Improve navigation and search functionality

Don’t make navigation difficult, add a search function to the application that allows you to find everything you need in 1-2 clicks. Thought-out architecture of applications, easy and convenient navigation, advanced search will significantly improve the use of your application.

5. Animated transitions

In the first paragraph, we already mentioned animated transitions. This solution allows you to create visually pleasing transitions from one page to another, as well as indicate the completion of a certain action (for example, a past payment, an order sent, etc.). But don’t forget that animation shouldn’t overload your application. Do not use animated transitions and other animations without prior user action. Animation should be helpful, not confusing.

6. Check the app and find ways to improve it

The best way to test the usability of a mobile application is to test it before the official release is released. This will allow you to get feedback from the target audience of the product, learn about the pros and cons of the application. After that, the development team will be able to fix the shortcomings and errors, to finalize the application taking into account the wishes of the users.


The design of a mobile application should make a good impression at first glance and be comfortable to use, encouraging you to use the application again and again. To achieve this, put yourself in the shoes of a potential user of your product, think about which goals and objectives are paramount. Test your app, listen to feedback, and don’t forget about product development and support. If you implement the points listed in the article, the finished mobile application will be more attractive and useful for your users.

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