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Tizen - An Upcoming and Emerging Platform in Mobility Solutions

Tizen - An Upcoming and Emerging Platform in Mobility Solutions

Built with the purpose of fulfilling the needs of all the stake holders of the mobile and serving with a connected device ecosystem which will include all the mobile operators, application developers, independent software vendors, Tizen was introduced which is an open and flexible operating system. Tizen App Development process is fulfill by a group of developers under open source governance. Tizen is the output of the investment of years.

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Tizen OS is available in varied profiles in order to fulfil all the industry requirements. Because of this a device manufacturer can initiate with working on any of these profiles by modifying to serve as per the needs. It is open for all the mobile operators to accompany the device partners in their work. Tizen is good opportunity for all the developers as it is featured with the potential of reaching to the new smart devices which will be run using Tizen.

Tizen has been quiet impressive since its launch, the below stated features will make you feel the same:

► Featured with HTML 5

Based on HTML 5, Tizen has proven to be beneficial to all the content creators as it is expected to lower the cost of making the apps. The need of downloading the plug-ins to watch youTube videos will not longer be there as you get greater native suppose for videos.

► Open Source is the new trend

Tizen is an open source platform similar to what Android is. Partnering with Intel Samsung has developed Tizen which is Linux based platform and is specifically built for Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo.

► It is lot more than just smartphones

Tizen is aimed to target not just smart phones but also TV’S, Laptops, and event the care industries. Tizen will be serving across varied platforms to altogether give a unique experience. It is designed in a way which is accessible across various platforms.

► The Apps

The most exciting feature of Tizen is its usability for both native and web apps.

Tizen Project is being handled by the Linux Foundations and is also overlooked by Technical Steering Group. In order to guide the industry role of Tizen like identifying and facilitating the service models, marketing and educational decisions Tizen Association has been formed.


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