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Tizen: The OS of Everything

Tizen: The OS of Everything

Tizen came with new hope for developers and wonder opportunity for investors.

What for users? Well, a lot than you think.

Before you know much about Tizen features and other interesting things in subsequent sections, you might be interested in these facts:

  • Tizen secured fourth place in OS race beating BlackBerry OS recently.
  • Tizen can power up almost all your favorite gadgets including Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch, Smart TV and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) device.
  • Tizen has DNA of LINUX, making it Open Source and have direct support from Samsung and Intel.
  • Tizen came with idea of ‘Hybrid Apps’ which means it is capable of cross platform reusability.
  • Tizen is proven to be light on CPU, battery and memory. It maximizes the device performance to the highest.

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Hope it is enough to take your attention towards this cutting edge Technology. Tizen has bigger goals to achieve and maximum electronic devices to target. So don’t get amazed if you see Air-conditioner, Washing Machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, microwave and even printer powered by Tizen. This scene is not so far because Tizen is growing with pretty much interesting rate.

Guiding principles of Tizen

  • Openness
  • Optimization
  • Opportunities

Till now Tizen has proven each of them correct. Since it is an Open Source based on LINUX, it is very easy to collaborate with Tizen app development from any corner of the globe. Tizen provides a robust and flexible environment for application developers. It is an OS of everything hence growth as Tizen developer is limitless and opportunities increases as number of Tizen based devices increases. Developers can adapt Tizen quickly and easily because of its flexible SDK (Software Development Kit).


Having sharp and pointed vision is half done. It is true for Tizen. Tizen aims to convert all diverge visions of Tech Enthusiasts, Academia and industry into single innovative vision.

Tizen supports

For Web Apps

  • HTML5
  • CSS5

For native Apps

  • C
  • EFL

Plus, Tizen added new word to IT dictionary: Hybrid Apps. Yes, using ‘Application Compatibility layer’ App for Tizen one can easily enjoy Android Apps on Tizen supported devices. ACL supports limited Apps till now. Still it’s very innovative concept and added feature for users.

Salient features of Tizen

  • Faster
  • Lighter

Let’s see, how?

► Faster

Tired of often Application crash and slow response of your devices?

Tizen is solution. Tizen offers an unbelievable operation speed when compared to other platforms. After all device speed is fundamental right, isn’t it? Many Tizen users say that Tizen is faster version of Android. Regardless of their graphical similarity, Tizen comes with an amazing operation speed and better transition effects. Everything happens just in the blink of eyes. You will never have to wait for response from device and you will forget about what an Application crash is.


I know what it feels like when you have to recharge the battery twice or thrice in a day. No need to worry about that anymore.

As mentioned earlier, it is already proven that Tizen is lighter on CPU, memory and battery. As a result Tizen solves one the biggest drawback of Android device, High power consumption. Integrated smart power management system helps to minimize the power consumption by CPU and memory. This way gives us freedom from often battery recharging.


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