5 Reasons To Create User Personas For Your App

5 Reasons To Create User Personas For Your App

Users are always on the lookout for mobile apps that can make their life more convenient and easier. When downloading apps, users expect them to give them a smooth experience, while catering to their specific needs.

Thus, businesses considering developing an app should think of their target audience first. In order to strategically develop an app tailored to the actual requirements of users, it should have a user-centric design. And, the most effective way to incorporate this is by generating user personas, such as the ones created by Easy Agile.

What Is User Persona?

Think of user personas as life-like, fictional characters created to reflect the behaviors, goals, and pain points of your intended app users. It clarifies what your users do, what they really want or need from the app, and why they do it.

In simpler terms, user personas are guidelines of what your app’s final user experience should deliver.

A user persona is often created by doing intensive research. You need to identify your target users and their reasons for wanting or using your app. It also involves listing the behavior traits, patterns, demographics, features, and other details of your target users.

After collecting the data, you need to construct each description of the user persona and refine your persona groups with distinct categorizations.

Benefits Of Creating User Persona For App Development

1. Discover The Ideal Users And App Positioning

User personas are critical in terms of understanding your customers or audience and their needs. By getting to know your target users, you can design a user-centric app that your customers can easily connect with.

Also, with a user persona, you can overcome the challenges and issues that you might face during product positioning. By having a clear user persona, you can develop an app that’s positioned to receive maximum exposure among your ideal user base.

2. Develop User Empathy

Empathy is crucial in creating user-centric UX designs. A good UX leaves a lasting impression. However, most apps in the market are usable and aesthetically pleasing, but still lack meaning. Most companies find it difficult to provide meaning and form a stronger connection with their users.

Thus, it’s essential that you determine what impression the app is leaving to its users. Such distinction is the difference between apps that users return to and continually use, and those they immediately uninstall. Meaningful apps have a personal significance and resonate with the users by aligning with users’ values.

Empathizing with your users can help you create a UX design that users will actually like. If you want to create a mobile solution that stands out, you need to step outside your frame of reference and become the user.

The empathizing process of UX design means learning about their challenges and understanding their needs to better explain their behaviors. User personas can help with the empathizing process by allowing your designers and developers to observe and engage with your target users. These can help your designers share a similar perspective to your user, thinking above and beyond their assumptions and recognizing that different people have individual expectations and needs. With the help of user personas, you can practice empathy and adopt the perspective of your end-user to extrapolate their needs more accurately.

In addition, user personas can also help in determining the perfect balance between value and aesthetics, both of which are important for retaining and attracting users.

3. Improve UX And App Designing

User experience and app designing are crucial factors in making an app successful, and a user persona is an excellent tool that developers and designers can use to understand what their users want. It can offer them insights into the challenges that users are facing and how the app can help them.

With a user persona, you can study user behavior and see how they use apps. You can discover and understand the things they love in an app, or the things that they want to be improved. User personas can help you in creating better and improved apps that are based on the preferences of your target audience, which, in turn, improves your app reach, engagement, and downloads.

4. Prevent Miscommunication

Raw data is usually difficult to interpret. A user persona, however, can encapsulate the research and help communicate the trend to other people in your development team in a way that they can visualize and understand.

In general, people with various expertise and skills in your app development team can sometimes cause a difference in opinions. User personas can provide a bridge to avoid miscommunication and confusion throughout the app development process. It helps in communicating concepts and ideas to your stakeholders and product team.

Effectively, a user persona can ensure that everyone stays on the same page and understands the goal and target audience of the product. It can help your team create an app development strategy and make decisions based on research and facts, instead of their own ideas and thoughts.

5. Avoid Self-Referential Designs

Sometimes, designers like to think that users share their beliefs and that their response to products will be the same. Such stereotypes or generalizations can lead to developing a mobile app that’s sub-optimal.

A user persona can help your app development team to get to know the actual expectations and needs of your target users, as well as create a winning app that can solve real user problems.


User personas may be virtually non-existent; however, they can be of great help in determining your ideal users who’ll ultimately engage with your mobile app. Also, if done correctly, user personas can also make your design process less complicated as they guide your ideation process, as well as when creating a great UX for your target users.

Thanks to user personas, you can now develop more meaningful apps that keep real users at the heart of your product design. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know your users and start creating a user-centric mobile app that provides them with a customized and valuable experience!

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