How to do an effective ASO for Mobile Apps

How to do an effective ASO for Mobile Apps

In the prevailing situations where there are more than 2 million apps in the current market. Making your app discover-able is a task for many businesses. To make your app visible in the app market, people should be made aware with your app which will be possible only if you will market your app in an effective manner. Marketing your app will then require you to work on App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization popular as ASO, enables your app to meet the requirements of app store ranking. ASO also enhances your apps visibility taking it to the top of the search result page. On the increased visibility of your app in the app store, it is likely to be visible to majority of the potential customers which will ultimately drag more traffic to your app’s page in your app store.

Following certain techniques and tricks can help you with an effective optimization of your app in the app store. Let’s now go through all those tips and techniques:

► Analyse the App Market

Analysis of the App Market before launching your app in the market is important as it will give you a better understanding on the competition in the market and the customers a well. Analysing the Customers will give you an idea about their preferences for using an app. It will make you aware with the attributes that attracts the customers towards using the app. analysing the competition in the market will give you clarity on the set of keywords used. Avoiding the use of those set of keywords and using your own unique keywords you can attract the potential customers in the market.

► Engaging your customers

Many apps are downloaded on daily basis by the users, but hardly 2% of all those downloaded apps are used on regular basis. Making the user download your app is not the ultimate objective, Engaging and retaining the customers in the app will matter the most. Making them use your app on regular basis is what will help your app gain popularity in the market. Video Tutorials, Messages can help to make the users aware with the latest updates in the app.

► The App Name & the Icon Matters

The name and the icon will be the face of your app. Name/Title of your app can contain 50 characters maximum. Name of your app needs to be unique not because of the branding requirements, but because it includes certain keywords creating an impact on the search results of the app store. Not only this even the icon of your app is expected to be attractive enough to get hold of the eyes of the users on your app. Visualisation often gets imprinted in our minds for a longer time. The more visually attractive your app icon and name is the more users will start turning back to your app on regular basis.

► Ask for user’s feedback

People often prefer to proceed towards downloading of an app after taking advices from the ones who have already used it. Majority of the app users never forgets to go through the reviews of the existing users of the app to get an idea of how good the usability of the app is? Ask the users to rate your app after they are done with their purpose of using your app. In order to attract the users to positively rate your app, they can be rewarded with something that forces them to rate your app with the best they can.

► Content Management

Description of the app, its functions, features, characteristics and uses needs to be delivered accurately. Brief description of your app will give the users clarity on the usage of app making it easier for them to make a choice on its download. With some specific list of keywords and précis description of the app is sure to drag a major proportion of traffic to your app.

► Enhance the Visualization of your app page

A well designed page with creativity added to it never fails to grab the attention of the customers. The page of your app needs to be displayed and designed with lot of visualisation and creativity added to it, as it can make it look engaging. Adding Screenshots of your app and videos pertaining to your app can make it visually strong and prepossessing. Showing of the most distinctive features and latest updates of your app in form of the screenshots is sure to keep your user engaged in your app.

► Customize your app

Customisation is the best way to build customer loyalty and trust in your users. The access of downloading the app is provided all across the globe, considering which there is a need to develop your app in way that it can adapt any form of language as per the needs of the user. Finding the keywords in their respective language creates an everlasting impact on the users and it gives them an ease of downloading and using your app in the best possible way.

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