16 Ways to Create Successful Video Marketing Strategy [2024]

Successful Video Marketing Strategy

video marketing strategy is the most relevant form of marketing strategy as it can target a particular group, age, and gender. We are living in an era where people are spending 33 percent of their screen time watching videos.

With more than one billion hours of video consumed on YouTube every day, video marketing has great potential for the target audience.

With every passing hour, marketing products or services is getting more and more competitive. 74% of the total marketing budget is spent on video marketing, and more than 81% of the population gets convinced to buy a product or service by watching videos.

Mentioned In the article below are important video marketing strategies that will target potential customers in this competitive era of 2024.

1. Know your audience

In the current scenario, 60% of people like watching online videos more than watching television. Everyone likes the personalized experience that video provides.

Always keep in mind the audience you want to target and the ways to reach them with your marketing video. Always analyze your performance after every video to find the loopholes in it.

Begin your video marketing strategy by considering the following factors of the potential customers like gender, age, lifestyle, and preferences.

Once you know your target audience, it will be simple to decide the product’s tone. You can then write the script of your video, film it, edit it, and upload it.

Always keep in mind your customer’s expectations.

2. Video should be mobile friendly

Always produce mobile-friendly videos for maximum views as more than 70% of videos are viewed on mobile phones.

Gone are the days when watching videos was limited to television and computers. Make sure to produce flexible videos for all devices with good fonts, pictures and graphics. Your video must be consistent and clear for all the available mediums.    

3. Make interesting videos

One of the most important aspects of building a video marketing strategy is to make the video interesting. The number of views completely depends on the fact that the video has to be interesting.

If most of the viewers have skipped your video before watching less than 60%, your video needs to be edited. Make sure your video is not boring and provides all the relevant information. It would be best to use explainer video services to create an engaging and professional explainer video for your video marketing strategy.

4. Include Call-to-action

Always remember to include a call to action in the video. The ultimate goal of your video is to generate traffic on your website or create a buzz about the product or service. Whatever the goal, having a call-to-action button solves the purpose of the video, and the viewers are encouraged to take action after watching your video.

Companies use three types of CTAs in their videos: audio, text, and buttons. The most popular is the button, which can be colorful, bold, and eye-catching. You can also enhance viewer engagement by making QR codes and adding them directly to your videos, transforming them into interactive experiences that offer instant access to additional content or actions.

5. Make short videos

Create videos that convey your message in the shortest possible time. People may skip the video till your tagline appears. There is no time limit for the marketing video, but the golden rule is to make it as short as possible.

Everyone is too busy to watch long videos, keep the videos clear and crisp that leave a lasting impact on the minds of the viewers.

6. Always consider SEO

SEO is very important to building your video marketing strategy.

Making SEO-friendly videos will get more views and will help you with the growth of your business or profession.

Search Engine Optimization provides value to your video when keywords are used strategically. Google decides whether the content is good enough and so it allows others to view the video. Follow the rules set by Google so it can rank your video on the first page.

7. Plan the budget

The budget should be planned before shooting the marketing video. Control the budget effectively by not being too tight or going overboard while creating marketing videos

Start with a small budget video and keep growing the budget as required. Give time to every video to see how it works.

8. Decide your platform for video marketing strategy

All the social media platforms have their form of video. Old platforms like YouTube and Facebook have many types of videos, while the new platforms like TikTok and Snapchat mostly have a single format.

If you are new to video marketing, start with platforms with an established audience, like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube. Take the first step in video advertising by selecting any of the above-mentioned platforms.

9. Don’t forget to connect TV ads (CTV)

People are streaming TV content on their devices in large numbers. CTV ads make sense as they allow the business to reach their target audience on various OTT platforms and smart TVs also. CTV plays an important role in your video marketing strategy. Ott platform development services are essential for crafting a successful video marketing strategy.

10. The title is important

Whether you are new to video marketing or have been marketing videos for years, the title of the video is the trickiest part of the process.

The title of the video plays an important part from the SEO angle as it gets your video ranked organically on YouTube and other platforms. 

The strong title also attracts a lot of views, use the title to your advantage as the viewers think positively about the company and watch the video with a positive mindset.

Choosing a keyword-optimized, clear and descriptive title is the easiest way to maximize the views on your video.

11. Add Subtitles to the video

Adding subtitles will improve the reach of your video marketing strategy. According to a recent study by Facebook, adding subtitles to your video can increase the views by 12%. More than 80% of the viewers watched the complete video if the subtitles are present.

Increased viewership also increases the conversion rate. Subtitles allow people with impaired hearing to understand the video. Many viewers like to keep the audio off when they watch videos. Subtitles allow you to reach such viewers.

Subtitles also improve the SEO of the video, so you can access a larger audience.

12. Sound effect is important

Audio plays a very important role as it brings life to your video. Poor audio makes it difficult for the viewers to get the message of the video and the chances are more that they may not go through the entire video.

The audio of the video is equally important as the visuals. If you are not taking any professional help for the audio make sure the audio is clear. Even the background music should go with the mood of the video. For example, if the video is light-hearted, the background score should not be serious or heavy. A good combination of audio and video will get you your goals. Gret audio effects help in improving your video marketing strategy.

13. Describe a story

Your marketing video should always be interesting. Make a video that touches the hearts of the viewers and compels them to buy the product even if they don’t need it right away.

Never make boring videos that just hover around the product. Make the video emotional so the viewer can connect with the story. Create the story in a way that people don’t get bored watching it again.

If the story is not emotional, bring a smile to their face with your video. Viewers will just skip the video if they find it boring.

Make the video a short and sweet story. If the content is innovative you will easily get a lot of views and conversions.

14. Set targets for your video marketing strategy 

At the beginning of any video marketing strategy, we need to set goals or targets, like where is this video placed in the marketing funnel and what are the targets to be achieved.

If you are a new bee, we recommend being realistic and targeting a few easily achievable goals. Your initial targets can be boosting your engagement, building trust and improving conversions.

15. Make the video Educational

According to a study, 65% of people learn visually by watching videos. Teach the viewer how to use your product interestingly. You should not leave a stone unturned by simply providing important information about your product. Video marketing strategy is not just about achieving marketing goals but also about making the viewer aware of the product.

16. Building trust with the video

Building trust in your viewer is most important. If you can build trust with the videos your customers will be loyal to you for a very long period and still in this digital era word to mouth publicity is the best marketing strategy. 


We assume that the above information is useful for all the readers. You will achieve all your marketing goals if you apply all the mentioned tips.

Video marketing seems very challenging initially, but with some practice, you can create great videos for your brand.

Video marketing is easy when you can relate the story to the audience. Always keep strategy, budget, emotions, video editing cost and a great script with crisp editing in mind to produce the video.

Don’t forget the technical aspects like SEO and relevant keywords that enhance the ranking of your video.  

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