“Call Arc” Latest Feature of Arc Search that Lets You Asks Questions While on Call

Call Arc Latest Feature of Arc Search that Lets You Asks Questions While on Call

The Browser Company’s Arc Search for iPhones has received a fresh upgrade. The brand has added an intriguing new function known as “Call Arc” to the Arc Search. According to the latest news, this new feature will allow users to ask questions on a phone call. Yes, users can now search for a query that simulates a phone call by using this latest function on Arc Search.

To use the “Call Arc” feature, users will need to launch the Arc Search application. Aside from that, they will have to bring their phones close to their ears in order to pose a query using the “Call Arc” feature. The coolest thing about this new feature is that it makes asking queries a breeze. The “Call Arc” search option will become active when you open the Arc Search feature on your phone and bring it close to your ears. Arc Search has modified the “Call Arc” interface in such a way that it looks like a person is on a call.

This feature will deliver audible responses to your questions. The whole process of asking questions and receiving answers will look like as if you are on a phone call. So, how will this newest feature of Arc Search help users?

We are going to talk about it in the upcoming section, before that we need to understand what exactly this Arc Search is. Read on!

Understanding Arc Search – What is it?

Arc Search is an artificial intelligence-powered search application. It is a relatively young yet undeniable feature introduced to the public just a few months back. Yes, Arc Search is itself a new feature that was launched in January 2024. It is a very easy to use freeware web browser developed by The Browser Company. The Browser Company is a startup company founded by Josh Miller and Harsh Agrawal. Arc Search was initially released in April 2022. However, it was made available to the public in January of 2024. It underwent a closed beta test before it was made available for use on macOS, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. The user interface of this browser is quite simple.

You can choose to use this browser to conduct a conventional search or utilize the “Browse for me” option to obtain a list of results that are summarised based on your query and are powered by artificial intelligence. The “Browse for me” option in Arc Search is supported by the large language models (LLMs), which even OpenAI uses. Additionally, Arc Search offers the “Pinch to summarise” feature to use with any webpage. Now Arc Search has come up with its latest feature, “Call Arc.” You will have to download or update the Arc Search app in order to use the latest feature. You can download Arc Search from the Apple App Store.

Let’s now take a look at the key features of the Arc Search’s newest feature that is launched just today… Here we go…

Key Features Of Arc Search’s “Call Arc”

Key Features Of Arc Search Call Arc

Here are some of the key features of “Call Arc” that you would love to enjoy when using this function.

1. Voice-activated Search

The newest feature of Arc Search will allow users to have voice-activated search. To use this feature, you only need to bring your phone to your ear and ask your question. This is similar to making a regular call to people you know’ (just the purpose is different). The moment you put forward your query, you will immediately receive the response in audible format. The search results will be accompanied by an animated smiling face!

2. Browse for Me Results

This new feature will also allow you to track the results of each query you asked using “Call Arc.” Yes, you will be able to see the complete Browse for Me results for each query by clicking the “Read More” button.

3. Music In Between

When you ask an Arc Search question, it will take some time before you can provide the answer. But worry not, it will keep you entertained during that time. Yes, it includes music for that hold period. During the hold period, the Arc Search will play a hold music until it delivers you with the voice answer. After that, it will stand by for another question.

4. Call-end and Speaker Options

In addition to a happy face, the interface features a call-end option and a speaker option as well. These features allow users to have the results delivered through the speakers of their iPhone.

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