Google Analytics Introduces New ‘Audiences’ Report

Google Analytics Introduces New ‘Audiences’ Report

Google is now introducing the new trend in analytics which helps in analyzing the custom audiences of a website. Google has made no such announcement for the launch of new feature, but the users are being informed with this feature when they log into Analytics. When a user opens Analytics, a notification is displayed on the screen stating the easy Analyse of Google Analytics audiences in the new audiences report. The SEE Report option is visible on the screens using which the report can be viewed when needed.

When you click on the SEE Report Option, the step ahead will route you to the links where in you can learn more about this new feature of Google Analytics. After you click on the option of opening Report you will be able to view the Reports directly. You also get the options of expanding Audience Tab.

To collect accurate data via Reports and to visualise the data in the audience reports, you need to undergo certain steps which are as follows:

  • To enable the Demographics and Interests
  • To create audiences in Analytics
  • Publish those audiences to analytics

You need to precisely configure the audiences in your Google Analytics Account; if this will not be done the report will appear to be blank. You also need to create Custom Audiences who are called to be the group of visitors who have met some pre-specified condition. To put it in practical aspects, creation of audiences for new visitors, returning visitors, past purchasers, and the various other users who have visited some site etc. On the completion of this step that is creation of the right audience along with published it to the Google Analytics, you can then view the report displaying the following aspects:


This aspect inform you about the number of users you are receiving from an audience and also it informs you well on the effectiveness and usefulness of the audiences to turn out your business into potential gain.


This aspect informs you on the engagement your site experiences in regards to the users based on aspects likes bounce rate, time on site and pages per session. It shows the possibility of a site on how well can it engage the users.


This aspect makes you aware on if the transactions are being completed by the users and if it is leading to the generation of the revenue at the rate which you are expecting. This will then help the site owners to decide the amount of time and budget which needs to be spent on marketing the specific segment of visitors.

After this process you will be well aware with the performance of the audiences. If you find the audience performing well in delivering the users and keeping them engaged along with acceptable conversion rates, then you can proceed further by taking steps as below:

  • Major proportion of your marketing budget can be dedicated to bid on ads for specific group of user.
  • The bidding hours on ads for the users can be expanded.
  • The number of sites to bid on for showing the ads to the users can also be increased.

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