How to See Someone’s Location on Snapchat

How to Find Someone’s Location on Snapchat

With 397 million daily active users worldwide, Snapchat is a must-have app, even for children. And if you’re looking for ways to track your child’s location,Someone’s Location on Snapchat is an easy solution.

If you don’t use Snapchat, navigating the feature might be difficult. Let us bring you up-to-date.

Snapchat Live Location: What It Is

Snapchat Live Location is a location-sharing feature that allows anyone to share their live location with friends. All the user must do is go to their friend’s profile and enable live location sharing with them for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours. They must also enable location settings on their mobile phone.

This method will only work if your child is willing to share their location and you add them on Snapchat. If not, you’ll need aspecial location tracking app to learn how to track someone’s Snapchat.

How to Track Someone Through Snapchat?

Only have access to their number? You’re friends with them on Snapchat, but they haven’t shared their location with you? Depending on what is accessible, here are three ways to track someone through Snapchat.

1. Use a Third-Party App

Third-party apps like Eyezy have robust location monitoring features, such as GPS Tracker. These allow you to track your loved ones remotely without letting them know or even more, it gives you the possibility to access someones photos and much more. You can download and use Snapchat hacker software from Increditools.

When you gain access to all details and location updates, you can keep worries at bay. Eyezy allows you access to your loved one’s Snapchat location history, along with the content they share and the people they chat with.

That’s not all! You can also use it to monitor their overall device activity.

Installation is easy and only takes about five minutes:

  • Go to the official Eyezy webpage and create an account.
  • Browse their subscription plans and choose one that fits your needs.
  • Install Eyezy on your loved one’s phone.
  • Log in and go to your Control Panel to see your loved one’s current location.

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2. Find Their Location on SnapMap

If you’re friends with them on Snapchat, you might be thinking of the Snapchat location finder. That’s right, Snap Map allows you to track someone’s location if they’ve shared their location with you.

How to track a Snapchat account’s location?

  • Launch the Snapchat app and tap on the location icon.
  • On the Snap Map page, look for your loved one’s bitmoji.
  • Tap on the bitmoji, and you’ll be able to see their location.

Now, if your loved one hasn’t turned their location on, you won’t get access to it. In that case, you must send them a request, which they can accept or decline.

In addition, they may not have their location access turned on in their device, which will also block you from tracking them.

3. Track Them With Their Phone Number

If you’ve got nothing but their Track with Their Phone Number, Detectico might serve your purpose. It is a phone number tracker that helps you find your loved ones anywhere in the world.

The best part is that you don’t need to install an app to access their service. Simply do the following:

  • Enter your loved one’s phone number on the Detectico website, along with a personal message.
  • Wait for Detectico to send a message with a location detection link to the number you’ve entered.
  • Once the receiver taps on the link in the message, their location will be accessible to you.

Final Thoughts

So, how to find someone’s location on Snapchat? It can be really easy! If you have their phone number and only need to access their location once, Detectico is your go-to option.

If you need more thorough location access for a longer period, along with other tracking and monitoring features, Eyezy is the best choice.